Inferna (New Metin 3) – PC Controls – Guide

The newly released Inferna called new Metin3 is eye-catching. This guide will show on PC Controls of Inferna. Before the topic, I want to introduce Inferna.

About Inferna (New Metin 3)

In Inferna you can slip into the role of a hero, who you can choose from 4 character classes. At the beginning, you have to decide whether you want to start as a magician, warrior, assassin or semi-demon and within the class, you can still choose your fighting style.

You are already ready to explore the world of Pangaeu. Unfortunately, the glory days of security and unity are over and you are destined to protect a kingdom of your choice against the darkness and the enemy realm.

Whether you start in Caratas or Jerro, you will explore and conquer numerous maps with thousands of other players. You will fight your way through hordes of monsters alone or in a team and explore the world and history of Pangaeu. Your decisions will affect the course of the game, so choose wisely!
Various runs and dungeons await you.

Throughout the game, you will be guided by quests that will give you an insight into the past, present and future of Pangaeu. The game story will be entangled across the realms and those who watch out will notice some Easter Eggs.

Can you find the missing realms? Save the baby from death? Reconcile the quarreled families? Conquer the hidden dungeons?

Inferna: PC Controls

  • Inventory: I
  • Stats: C
  • Skills: R
  • Quests: J
  • Map: M
  • Attack: Space
  • Pickupo1: Y
  • Rotate Camera: Left
  • Rotate Camera: Right
  • Dismount: Left Control+H
  • Chat: L

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