Hydroneer – Guide to Water System (Intake, Shard, Pressure) and Rotating Blocks

This is a guide to how to use shards (best tip for pressure) and how to rotate blocks in Hydroneer. Tips for water system.

How to Use Shards and Best Tip for Pressure

When running a machine along with a conveyor, find self running out of water pressure quickly, but if running a separate intake for just the conveyors, you will encounter yourself without needing to add the pressure pipes.

Try to dig as deep as you can go, the deeper you go the larger the shards will be!

Also take a look at Diminutuve his post above, hope this helped you out!

Each intake will add a total of 50% pressure for the line. Having more than one intake will only max it out at 50. Each pipe segment decreases the pressure from that point on. Each pressure tank boosts the pressure by 25%.

Pay attention to the amount the piece says is reduce pressure and when you get down to 75%

Add a pressure tank to the line at that point to raise it back to 100%.

Also, adding a tank right before a series of machines, will ensure they operate close to capacity.

How to Rotate Blocks?

You can rotate blocks with the following keys: ‘R’ ‘T’ ‘Y’.

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