Hydroneer – Guide to Items, Craftings, Ore, Digging, Gems

This is a guide on items, crafting, ore, digging, gems, etc. in Hydroneer.

Basic Tips

  • First place your pan near the water and your bucket and brush next to the pan
  • Drop the pan into the river to fill it with water
  • Dig and place the dirt into your bucket until its fool then dump it into your pan
  • Use the brush to clean the dirt and store your ore into buckets until you can afford a crucible then store your raw ores in crucibles ready to smelt

How to Start?

When you start for the first time, fill your pan with water and place it near the river. Then place your bucket and brush next to the pan.

Use your shovel to fill the bucket, dump into the pan and rinse with the brush.

Once you save up enough ore, sell it at the jeweler and buy buckets (2) one for iron and one for gold.

Then once you save up enough for pipes, place pipe out of the river with a shutoff to fill your pan automatically.

How to Place Items?

Double-check your key mapping but once you have an item in hand, you can select R T Y to rotate on the X Y Z axis. Blue shows you where you can place, red is blocked or non-placeable.


How to Turn Uncut Gems into Cut Gems?

Purchase a grind wheel and use the uncut gem on the grind wheel.

how to melt ore?

Place the gold or iron ore into a crucible and place the crucible in a furnace until its melted. Then pour into a mold

how to craft items?

Get an anvil and use the anvil until the recipe is on the top. It tells you how many bars of iron or gold you will need, as well as how many jewels. Heat the bars glowing hot and place the ingredients on the anvil and hit the anvil with the crafting hammer. The size of the bars determines the size and value of the goods. If it calls for 2 bars, it has to be 2 bars. You cannot use one super large bar.

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