Hydroneer – Earning More Money Fast (How to)

A guide on how to earn more money fast in Hydroneer

Earning More Money Fast (How to)

Step 1

The game wants you to think that it is a cute mining sandbox game. But really this is just a fishing sim with extra steps.

Step 1 is to toil away in the dirt like a peasant until you have 52 coin. This should take less than a day of collecting nuggets, and now you are set for life. Head to the shop and buy the fishing rod.

Step 2

Now that you have the power of the gods at your fingertips, take your pan and the rod to a nice bit of water.

Set up at the water with the green dot placed in the middle of the pan. This spawns the fish you caught right into the pan.

Now a fun fact about the pan is that once a fish is placed into the pan it no longer has collision. This feature lets us relax and left click until we have a nice fish collection.

Sometimes the big fish need some extra encouragement to get in the pan but just keep shoving them in until they don’t move anymore. Once they freeze, get back to fishing.

Step 3: Profit

Once you have a nice full basket, go sell. No need to unload, just place it on the Jeweler’s table.

by Tharsis

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