HuniePop 2: Double Date – The New Gift System Guide

This guide shows the new gift system in HuniePop 2: Double Date.

The New Gift System

Gifts are divided into either ‘Date’ Gifts, ‘Food’ Gifts or ‘♥♥♥♥ If We Know’ Gifts.

Date gifts need to be picked out before actually going on a date, and can only be used on one girl at a time, meaning if you forget who you gave one to (very easy to do by the by), you may as well forget about ever getting it back.

Then there’s trying to give the gifts. I get that it’s a double date but what’s the point of having two sentiment meters that fill independently? It makes it near impossible to use any gifts at all since, while sentiment fills independently per girl, YOUR MOVES DEPLETE REGARDLESS, meaning if you’re trying to use a date gift to regain some moves, you’re SOL.

Plus there’s the other gifts, which have to be given outside of a date, deplete stamina when they’re given, and rarely if ever show up in the store. What makes it worse is that you NEED these as this seems to be the only way of increasing your skills. Yeah, spending Hunie is gone, now you can only do it with stamina-consuming gifts.

Oh, and remember how you used to be able to just check in the HunieBee what sort of thing they’d like? Well, that was too helpful. Now you have to take a shot in the dark and risk wasting your income on gifts that people might not even want. Here’s a tip: that works when the game doesn’t include TWO aunt characters, and the only hint on who to give it to the game provides is ‘aunt’.
Thus it’s entirely possible to wind up screwing yourself out of VITAL XP by picking the wrong gift, and having the game laugh at you for making such a foolish error.

Lastly there’s food items, which refill a girl’s stamina outside of a date, but will still have some vague effect on the date, making it incredibly unclear on what you should actually do with it. Here’s the answer, it only works outside of dates, and ♥♥♥♥ knows what it does ON dates, but I’ve yet to notice a single change. Bear in mind, you can only give one food item to a girl per ‘conversation’, meaning you are once again SOL if you happen to have emptied their stamina meter with exhausting things like gifts and idle conversation.

And just in case you thought ‘I’m a savvy player, I know what to do: I’ll just talk to them and give them gifts without going on dates!’

Well, good luck to you sailor, it’ll take you (by my estimates) at least 101 years of that to make any progress at that rate. Like it or not, you need to go on dates to get enough seeds to buy gifts, but buying gifts is a complete crapshoot, meaning you’re better off not buying anything… but you need to in order to win at dates.

I’d call it a Catch-69 if I was in the mood to make a joke out of it, but it’s enough of a joke by itself already.

At best you can try answering questions, but good luck figuring out which answer is right. In the original game it was tricky, here it’s damn near impossible.

Honestly, this needs to be fixed. The entire gift system is player-hostile, frustrating and pointlessly time-consuming. In the original game you bought a gift of a type and gave it to a girl who liked that type, and got a date gift in return. Now you need to write down every word they say to you to make sure you know who gets what, then be sure to buy them when they appear or risk not seeing them again for an age, and pray that you’re giving them to the right one, or you’ve wasted your time and money.

This isn’t good, it’s annoying and obtuse as hell. Just look at how many posts there are already asking about how gifts work. The entire system is a mistake, frankly.

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