HuniePop 2: Double Date – Sheet On The Girls Guide (Gifts, Shoes, Baggage, and More)

It is a sheet on the girls guide (gifts, shoes, baggage, and more) for HuniePop 2: Double Date.

Sheet On The Girls Guide (Gifts, Shoes, Baggage, and More)

Just a Info Sheet of most of the info on the girls including Gifts, Shoes, Baggage and more

NamesDesireDislikeAgeShoes TypesUnique Gift Drink
Abia NawaziSexualityTalent25FlatsBall Gag, Handcuffs, Spanking Paddle, Nipple Clamps Sexuality Smoothie
Ashley RosemarrySexualityRomance21GladiatorsGuitar Amp, Micorphone, Bass Guitar, Drum Sticks Sexuality Smoothie
Brooke BelroseTalentRomance40WedgesQuilted Handbag, Elegant Tote Bag, Clutch Purse Shoulder Bag Talent Smoothie
Candace “Candy” CrushFlirtationRomance25HeelsRing Stacker, Letter Blocks, Animal Wheel, Shapes Block Flirtation Smoothie
Denise “Zoey” GreeneTalentSexuality19BootsCrystal Ball, Hourglass, Tarot Cards, Crystals Talent Smoothie
Lailani KealohaRomanceSexuality23Flip FlopsWarm Towels, Bath Salts, Hot Stones, Loofah Sponga Romance Smoothie
Jessie MayeRomanceTalent38Peep ToesGin, Vodka, Whisky, Rum Romance Smoothie
Lillian AurawellSexualityFlirtation18BootiesVoodoo Doll, Witch Hat, Ouija Board, Jack-O-Lantern Sexuality Smoothie
Lola RembriteTalentFlirtation26Winter BootsPincushion, Spool of Thread, Buttons, Measuring Tape Talent Smoothie
Nora DelrioRomanceFlirtation29SneakersDiapers, Baby Bottle, Binky, Car Carrier Romance Smoothie
Polly BendlesonFlirtationTalent32PumpsJukebox, Television, Phonograph, Radio Flirtation Smoothie
Sarah “Suki” StevensFlirtationSexuality20PlatformsManga Book, Chibi Figurine, Cellphone Cover, Booby Mousepad Flirtation Smoothie

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