How to Yeet an Opponent & Deal Fall Damage – Fortnite (Guide)

There are a bunch of different weapons you can use to rack up eliminations in Fortnite Chapter 2. However, for the Tier 100 skin, Fusion, players will receive a new set of challenges to unlock two additional styles for the skin. One of these requires players to ‘Yeet an opponent and deal fall damage.’ If you’re unsure how to yeet in Fortnite, we’ll talk you through it.

Yeeting an Opponent in Fortnite

  • Play Duos or Squads Only – First things first, it’s worth noting that in order to yeet an opponent, you have to be in a Duos or Squads game. This is because you need your opponent to be downed.
  • Down an Enemy – Down an enemy. Knock a player down so they’re crawling around on the floor, but don’t kill them altogether.
  • Pick Them Up – Run over and pick up your opponent. This is done by walking over to them and pressing X on Xbox One, Square on PS4, Y on Switch and E on PC.
  • Carry Them to a High Place – Now all you want to do is find somewhere high to throw them off from. Your best bet is to quickly build a wooden ramp that’s at least three or four high. Run up to the top and throw them off.
  • Throw Them Off to Yeet in Fortnite – You’ve now yeeted an opponent in Fortnite and dealt damage.

You don’t need to deal out a set amount of fall damage to complete the Unfused Challenge. Simply yeet the opponent off so they do any kind of fall damage and the challenge will be completed.

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