How to Strength The Squad-Stay Out

This quick guide informs you about Stay Out’s squad tips.

  • Be mindful that pilot stats matter A LOT. A ranged MS should be piloted by someone proficient in long rage, same with melee (you can check a MS “type” by looking at its attacks.. the icons will tell you the type of each attack, so that you know if a MS has more ranged or melee attacks). “Funnel type” weapons (or “awaken” weapons” use the “Awaken” statistic).
  • When a MS levels up you receive points to spend in its stats, ranging from attacks to HP, EN and speed (this is VERY important at higher difficulties, as it affects both dodging and hitting capabilities).
  • When a Pilot levels up he/she automatically gains stats increases. You can also spend credits to increase his/her stats.
  • Each pilot has innate abilities and skills, and learn new skills as he/she levels up. Abilities are dropped by specific enemies (those with a yellow dot on them), the higher the difficulty the higher the ability level dropped by the enemy.
  • MS whose size is greater than M will occupy more slots inside your ship. This however will NOT matter for the Master slot, which can host a big MS while still occupying only one slot (use this feature at your advantage 😉 )
  • Lots of pilots have more than one version of themselves. Usually the last versions are stronger than the previous ones, but also have more difficult/complex requirements to complete their respective quest.

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