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The guide will show on how to stealthily melee in GTFO. Please be patient to read this text.



  • 1 blunt instrument of any kind
  • 1 or more heads
  • optional glowsticks for decoration and afterparty rave

Turn off flashlight before entering any unknown areas or opening doors. When it comes to light, they all behave like the Witches from Left 4 Dead.

Make sure to equip your melee instrument. Tapping the melee key while your melee weapon is stowed will rapidly equip it.

NB: Further melee key presses will perform the swing, but it will be a weak swing and you don’t wanna do that.

The Approach

There’s only one time in which you need to be staying still, and that is when monsters are noisily and rapidly pulsating.

If they’re making croaking sounds, you can move. If they softly glow with a pale light, you can move.

NB: If they turn red, better finish them QUICKLY before they raise the alarm.

If there are are no other monsters within a 2-meter/2-yard radius of the target, you can solo-kill the target.

If there are multiple targets within that close proximity, then you’ll need to coordinate with teammates to perform synchronized takedowns.

Use Glow Sticks to safely illuminate the area around a target to ensure there are no obstructions to your movement and that there’s no additional monsters that you are unaware of.

If you must use your flashlight, then use it in short pulses / bursts / flashes for obvious reasons.

Advance on the target, stopping only when it begins its rapid pulsation. Walking makes less noise than running, and crouching makes less noise than walking.

When you’re within striking distance, your circular reticle will become smaller, and you’re ready for The Execution.

The Execution

You must fulfil TWO criteria for a stealth-kill to be successful:

1: It must be a fully charged swing.
Hold down LMB to charge the swing until the gauge is full, release to swing. I always hold it down for a little bit longer just to be sure. If you hold it for a very long time, you will auto-swing. You may want to practice this a couple times just to see what it’s like.

2: It must strike the enemy’s head.
Sometimes the Sleepers move around in their sleep, which makes this tricky. Be patient and wait for them to settle down before committing. Also, you may have to walk around them if you’re behind them in order to get a clear shot. You only get one shot, so make sure it’s a good one.

What could go wrong?

You didn’t fully charge the swing and now the enemy is glowing red and making noises!


The monster moved its head out of the way while you were swinging and now the enemy is glowing red and making noises!

Quickly hit it again and again until you’re sure it’s dead or your cover has been blown.


A nearby monster was alerted!

Slam it over and over until it’s dead. Don’t give up on stealth so easily – If the other enemies haven’t turned red, you still have a chance to keep the cover of stealth. Coordinating with teammates to perform coordinated takedowns is very helpful in that respect.


You were approaching MULTIPLE monsters and any one of them did its “pulsating” thing and you were still moving.

It’s easy to lose your cool on The Approach. The more monsters you’re approaching at once, the more patient you have to be. Everyone on the team has to be patient when you’re clearing rooms. As long as the cover of stealth hasn’t been broken, time is on your side.

ADDENDUM: Special Targets

Mom’s Spaghetti:

Scouts make The Approach a little bit more tricky:

That’s the only extra rule you have to follow is:


First, observe the Scout at a distance. Wait for the scout to retract its tendrils. Crouch-walk up to it and charge up a little early on the way there, and then just hit the scout while it is in motion. If it stops moving, you’d better nail it on the head before the spaghetti comes out or it’ll summon a horde.

That’s all there is to killing a walking spaghetti monster.

Big Striker

Get four people together and coordinate a charged-headshot on him.

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