Want your dens to reset and respawn? This guide explains How To Reset Dens In Pokemon Sword & Shield as grinding the Max Raid Battles is one of the best methods of leveling your Pokemon, finding the strongest IVs, and gathering plenty of TM’s and berries to boot.

Dens are scattered throughout the Wild Area, marked by small hexagonal stone like structures. When you interact with a den you can challenge the Pokemon hiding within, if the den is active. Active dens are marked by a huge beam into the sky. Furthermore, if the base of the den is a bright red color, you can interact with the den to claim the Watts, without having to fight the Pokemon.

How To Reset Dens In Pokemon Sword & Shield

Current speculation suggests that Max Raid Dens reset daily but I have not been able to verify that myself. My dens remained much of the same after a 24 hour window had passed, however, I have found a way that appears to reset your dens without fail.

In short, complete all the dens. On multiple occasions my Wild Area was barren of all dens, all but one. After I managed to successfully defeat the Pokemon in the final den, 5-6 more dens spawned and I was able to constantly farm new dens by repeating the process.


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