How to Kill Yuki Onna – Walkthrough

Hi everyone. Today I am gonna mention the newly released Yuki Onna is horror-game. This guide will show how to kill Yuki Onna. Before the topic, I want to introduce the game:

Yuki Onna

Yuki Onna | 雪女 is a PS1 inspired survival horror game.

Jin is your son and the locals panicked when they heard that he went missing along with 2 elementary school girls. While the police were holding a heavy search around town, you receive 3 photos of the missing kids with some writing behind, “Come alone or I’ll freeze them to death.” Out of desperation, you decide to embark on a daunting rescue mission to an abandoned inn up the piercing cold mountains.

The game is around 90 ~ 120 minutes long depending on your skill and playstyle.
Warning: This game is very challenging. You are only granted one life and death would mean a start over. If you are not confident with the ability to stay calm and persevere in the scariest of situations, you may find this game frustrating.


PSX/PS1 aesthetic: A nostalgic horror experience with visuals inspired by 5th generation games.
Survival horror – The enemies will constantly try and hunt you while you explore. You may resort to hiding, but who knows how well that goes.
Explore – Navigate through claustrophobic hallways. You may encounter interesting characters along the way.
Atmosphere – Old and abandoned Japanese house setting.
Puzzles – Bizarre and intricate puzzles.
Perma Death – One life, no saves. Every death counts to do better on the next round.
Replay value – Good ending? Bad ending? See which one you’ll get.

How to Kill Yuki Onna?

First of all, you need the incinerating tool at the doll’s room:

How to Kill Yuki Onna -  Walkthrough
How to Kill Yuki Onna -  Walkthrough
How to Kill Yuki Onna -  Walkthrough

When going to doll’s room, you will see eyeball at the door. Say hello to Yuki Onna’s camera 😀

And then she appears in front of you:

When running out of gasoline, quickly run to doll’s room and you will see gasoline. Fill your tank and fire Yuki Onna once more.

If you see the following scene on the screen,

It is done!

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