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Hi, everyone. Today, I am gonna show you tips for beginners. This guide will help with how to kill enemies easily in GTFO. Especially, everything about enemies in GTFO is available the following. Let’s take a look if you want.

Enemies in GTFO

While your down in the darkness, there are different enemies that you will encounter and have to take care of. They vary drastically in how they function, so knowledge of what they do is crucial.

Note that any flashlight, if pointed at a sleeping enemy for long enough, will awaken and alert them to your presence

All enemies have four stages: Sleeping, Scanning, Pulsing, and Alert:

  • When an enemy is Sleeping, they will either be in a full fetal position or standing with their stubby hands to their mouth/head. A sleeping enemy does not glow and pulse. This is the optimal time to move around.
  • When an enemy is Scanning, they will glow red and lookup. If they are standing they will also extend their arms to the sides of their body. You can still move around but moving will put all enemies into the next stage.
  • When an enemy is Pulsing, you can hear a heartbeat and the light inside of them quickly moving up and down. DO NOT MOVE during this stage, as moving will alert them. You can look around, just don’t walk.
  • The next stage is Alert, this is when the enemy is aware of your presence and will either attack you or alert the other enemies in the room to your presence.

There are some other mechanics to the Alert system that every player should know…

  • All enemies will instantly become alerted, no matter which stage they are at, if you bump into them. So be sure to look around when moving as to not bump into anyone
  • If you kill an enemy and there is a nearby enemy scanning, they will become Alerted
  • It is possible to kill an alerted enemy before it screams and alerts the others in the room, thus maintaining stealth. So don’t give up if an enemy is alerted to you, kill it fast enough and you can maintain stealth for the room.

A unique thing about GTFO enemies to know: Even if an enemy’s head/limb/torso is removed from the body, they might still be alive.

The best indicator of knowing whether an enemy is dead or not is to check the crosshair to see if a broken orange X flashes across the screen


Grunts are the weakest and most common enemy in the game. You can find them in either a fetal position or standing up.

The best method of killing them is a fully charged melee swing to the head in stealth. For loud, shooting them in the head is advised but be aware that even with no head, they may still be alive.

The grunt’s method of attack is to get into a certain distance of you and then use their intestinal mouth (I’m not kidding, they have that) to hit you.

A person can counteract this attack by hitting them in the head, staggering them. The grunt’s attack has a small charge-up period in which they stand still and can be easily hit.

Archer/Ranged Grunts

Archers are similar to grunts in that they are very common and are very weak alone. They can be distinguished by the bulbous outcrops coming from their head, it is also where you can see if they are scanning or not.

Their method of attack is to shoot a ranged, glowing ‘arrow’ at you which can also track you. This ‘arrow’ is dodgeable if you strafe it.

They will keep their distance from you if alerted, so make sure to aim your shots well. The preferable method of execution is a fully charged melee to the head. Something to remember about these enemies is that even if they are just a torso and legs, they might still be alive.

Brute/Melee Big One

Brutes are a bigger, stronger version of grunts that have much more health can hit you much harder and farther away, at the cost of being much slower. They are distinguishable by their size, mouth, and black stomach area.

They are (personally) the most dangerous enemy in the game as they can knock 40% of your health in one hit. If you want to stealth kill this monster, have you and all your teammates surround it and hit it at the same time with fully charged swings.

The stealth method can be dangerous for players under 40% health if not done correctly as the brute might flail in a circle, downing everyone. During loud sections, aim for the head and stomach to stagger it.

Ranger/Ranged Big One

Rangers are the bigger and stronger versions of archers, similar to the relation between grunts and brutes. They can be distinguished by their red hue, large size, and bulbous outcrops.

A ranger is stronger than an archer in its ability to shoot three ‘arrows’ at a time instead of one. It maintains the same attack strategy as archers but is a tad bit slower than them.

You can kill rangers stealthily the same way you kill brutes, but compared to brutes they are much safer to kill close-ranged as they don’t have a melee attack.


The scout is a special type of enemy in the fact that it doesn’t have a sleeping state and can be pinged with the Bio Scanner at any time.

While the other enemies are sleeping, the Scout patrols the room and occasionally stops and extends tendrils which, if touched, will retract and cause the Sentry to enter a state of invulnerability.

During this invincible state, the Scout will turn blue and emit a loud screech that alerts all other enemies in the room and in adjacent rooms.

Along with alerting all other enemies, it will also cause a wave of enemies similar to a single wave in an alarm sequence.

After alerting other enemies, it apparently dies, its sole objective complete. There are two optimal ways to kill a scout. The first way is to shoot it in the head with a sniper rifle, all other guns won’t kill it in one shot.

The other way is to use a C-Foam grenade to freeze the scout, approach it and kill it with a fully charged melee attack.

Bulls/Spiky Bois

Bulls are a late-rundown variant of the grunt. Bulls can be distinguished by their dark skin tone and the spikes on their heads. They do not go into the fetal position and are always found standing up.

Due to their darker skin tone, they are harder to spot and it is harder to see if they are scanning. It is also harder to hear if they are pulsing as they are quieter than their grunt counterparts.

The bull’s attack method is also different, charging you and rapidly attacking you with their fist, with each hit knocking about 5% of health from you.

An important note about bulls is that they can’t be killed with a fully charged swing to the head. The way to kill a bull is to hit them in the back with a fully charged melee.


Shadows are basically re-skins of grunts and archers (as of right now) as they are almost impossible to see in the dark and when seen, look like shadows.

They are killed in the same way grunts and archers are killed but are dangerous in the fact they are very hard to see. Sentries alone can’t see them, requiring someone to using a flashlight to help them spot them.

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