How to Get BP in Pokemon Sword and Shield

When you reach the end of the game in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Battle Points (BP) are critical. You can only receive them after you beat the game. By beating the game, you open up numerous new markets in the Pokemon Centers, where you can use it to purchase exclusive items to assist you in breeding new Pokemon teams and leveling them up with the best stats.

Acquiring BP is pretty straightforward. At the end of the game, you gain access to the Battle Tower, the colossal structure found at the top of Galar’s map to the north. Make your way over to this building and speak to the female League trainer in front of the red carpet found in the upper left corner. From there, you have the chance to enter the Battle Tower to fight other trainers using a team you select.

All of the Pokemon become level 50, so it’s all about knowing how to fight with a limited amount of Pokemon and not use items. You can choose to compete in single battles or in doubles, which consists of two on two Pokemon battles.00:0003:36

In a single battle, you can only take three Pokemon with you. In the doubles battle, you can take four with you. After each battle you win against a trainer, your entire team receives healing.

To get the most BP, you want to visit both of these divisions and do both single and double Pokemon battles. Winning a fight in a single and double reward two BP each, so while they may differ in style, they provide the same amount of BP each time. When you first start, you may want to use a rental team you can get from the man on the right side. He’s wearing a green jacket. Speak to him quickly to see his options.

After you’ve won several matches and have a decent amount of BP, you need to start using teams you’ve breed or start giving level 100 Pokémon Hyper Training, which requires bottle caps. Bottles caps are also essential and are a big item you want to spend your worthwhile BP on during the Sword and Shield’s late game.

There are five tiers to go through are Beginner, PokeBall, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, and then Master Ball. Every time you have to go up a tier into the next one, you have to face Leon to advance. You receive BP, rewards, and other exclusive items for going up a rank. The more ranks you go up, the tougher the fights, but the better the rewards.

You want a diverse team prepared to take one any Pokemon situation. Unfortunately, with such a limited roster, you can’t prepare for every fight. Still, by having an array of different attacks on every Pokemon, you should make short work of any opponent you take on at the tower. Make sure to think about the attacks your Pokemon would do well to use, not only about the type of Pokemon they are.

By Zack Palm

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