How to Create and to Manage a Group-Stay Out

Stay Out is not easy game to understand and also to manage. This guide contains how to create and manage any group in this game. You have to follow instructions especially quests [tab]. Let me show you commands.

Grouping Management

  • /clandestroy – (owner only) dissolve the grouping
  • /claninvite [name] – invite to group
  • /clanid – show group ID
  • /clankick [name] – exclude from grouping
  • /clanleave – leave group
  • /clanwar [group_name] – declare war
  • /basewar – declare war on a group that controls the current territory in which the character is currently located
  • /clanwarlist – list of groups for which war is declared
  • /clanpeace [group_name] – suggest the world

Squad Management

To create a group you have to invite any stalker:

  • /groupdestroy – (owner only) disband
  • /groupleader [name] – (owner only) transfer leadership to the squad
  • /groupkick [name] – (owner only) expel from unit
  • /invite [name] – (owner only) invite to the squad
  • /inviter [name] – recommend to the leader to invite to the squad
  • /grouplist – list of members of your squad
  • /groupleave – leave the squad

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