Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition – Graphics Mod (How to Improve Quality)

This guide helps on graphics mod (how to improve quality) of Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition.

Graphics Mod (How to Improve Quality)

This Preset improves the quality of the game with color, brightness corrections and a sharper image.

Natural Clover ReShade

Reduced the Foggy Image for a way cleaner view. Increaced the brigtness and boss! the colors.

Also changed the Hue from the colors for a better natural look. Improved the greenish nights into darker and a bit bluish nights.

Installation Process:

  • Download ReShade from ” reshade dot me ” website
  • Run the installation and click on “Click here to select a game and manage its ReShade installation”
  • Select Horizon Zero Dawn:
  • Press on the Direct 3D 10/11/12
  • Install all effects you want to use (just important if you dont install all effects pls copy paste the reshade preset foler from the Natural Clover ReShade)
  • Installation is completed and you can exit the application
  • Download the Natural Clover ReShade from ” nexusmods dot com/horizonzerodawn/mods/5?tab=files ” and copy paste the files into your Horizon Zero Dawn Folder directly
  • Run The Game and you can Open the ReShade Menu with Home / pos1 key
  • P.s you can enable or disable Border with NUM1 as shortcut


If you like this reshade then please visit nexusmods.com/horizonzerodawn/mods/5?tab=description and endorse to help the creator.

Thank You.

By <<< 👑 AzharSayed 👑 >>>

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