Hood: Outlaws & Legends – Tips for Spawn Point, Pacing, Combat, Assassinations

This helps you on tips for spawn point, caps, pacing, combat, assassinations in Hood: Outlaws & Legends.

Tips and Tricks

Combat & Assassinations

  • There is no limit on when a player can be assassinated (albeit it is arguably tricky to get someone who is currently sprinting). The only controlling factor is whether the enemy player is facing you.
  • Note that the same does not go for guards: Alerted guards will always face you, and are therefore immune to being assassinated once aware of you. However, if they switch their focus to a second revealed player, you can stab them again.
  • ‘Combat Assassinations’ involve flanking an enemy with two players. He can only face one direction, so one of the two attackers will get an assassination. This makes it highly inadviseable to engage in a 1vs2 (or more), unless you can keep the enemy from bypassing you (such as in a doorway).
  • In general, combat between two melee characters becomes a game of timing: Whoever parries, gets a free hit and wins. In combat between a melee and a ranged character, it becomes a game of kiting the melee, trying to make him waste stamina on attacks whilst dodging, before going in for a close-range headshot.
  • Note that ranged characters who face an inconfident melee character, can essentially hold him stalled simply by aiming a charged attack at him from medium distance; the melee character can block, but doing so will drain his stamina, allowing the ranged to wait until the guard drops to deliver an assured hit (or three).

Caps & Pacing

  • Capture Spawn Points! Especially if you’re just running past an enemy one. Those 5 seconds invested might save yourself and your teammates 30 seconds of running later. In all but one map, the position of the extraction determines which spawn points (by proximity) give a big advantage to the respective controlling team.
  • If possible, before comitting to a brawl, throw a quick glance at the map: are the closest spawns to the combat location controlled by you, or the enemy? If you got the advantage, comitting into a 1 for 1 trade is usually a net-benefit for your team, as the enemy will have to spend more time returning.
  • Don’t mindlessly winch if the area isn’t safe. You’ll just make yourself a target and a free kill.
  • In reverse, don’t sit in a bush if all enemies are dead and a spot on the winch is free.
  • Try to approximate the number of active enemies. If you own all nearby spawns, and just killed 3 people, chances are you won’t see more than a lone enemy in the next 2 minutes. Use that knowledge to determine whether to defend a cap, go for the objective or whatever else.
  • If you’re at the winch, and haven’t killed an enemy in the past minute(s), don’t try to 0-100 the extraction. The enemy WILL interrupt you, and if they do it towards the end of the winch, and you either lose the teamfight or don’t control the nearby spawns, they might steal the victory. If you’re not certain the enemy team is dead, leave the last 2-3 notches of the winch alone.
  • Note that once the extraction has been started, every time you die, your respawn times is increased by 2 seconds, quickly ramping up beyond the usual 10 seconds. Plus potential lack of nearby spawn points, and a death can easily take you out of a fight for 2 minutes. It therefore is an entirely valid tactic to only pretend to winch, but stop the second the enemies approach, specifically to add more time to their respawns (by killing them).

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