Hood: Outlaws & Legends Character Tips and Tricks

Hood: Outlaws & Legends game guide is about all character types and some tips and tricks for all 4 characters. These characters are Robin (Ranger), Marianne (Hunter), John (Brawler), and Tooke (Mystic). While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.


Robin (Ranger)

The Ranger is a sniper and master infiltrator. Equipped with a powerful longbow, the ranger can fire explosive arrows and use flashbangs to daze and confuse. Robin’s most notable feature is his ominous looking hood. It drapes over his unseen face. His long robe sports a fur hood. He wears black gloves with leather bracers. Robin is never seen without his quiver and longbow.

  • Note that headshots are NOT lethal. They just get a hefty damage multiplier. To deliver one-shot-kills, you need to either have the Bodkin perks or deliver charged headshots.
  • Your gear (flashbomb) hits enemy either in very close proximity, or if they are looking into it’s general direction (even from quite a distance). Being flashed clears all tags, melee locks and instantly drains the entire stamina bar, preventing the enemy from both sprinting and blocking/dodging.
  • Be wary of flashing yourself, since you’ll be, generally, looking right at the spot you threw the flashbomb to. Turn around right after throwing to evade the flash, but be wary that the enemy could have done the same.
  • It might be tempting to go full Robin Hood on all guards in sight, but take note that randomly shooting guards will likely cause one guard to see another’s corpse, and trigger an alarm anyways. Also, assassinations are faster, do not use ammo, give more exp, more ability charge AND gold.
  • Your explosive arrow is a 100% assured kill if you can hit an enemy directly. However, if the initial arrow impact doesn’t kill them, they’ll be able to run around as walking bomb… be wary of turning a melee enemy into a suicide bomber that will do his darndest to take you with them.
  • Don’t waste ammo on uncertain shots. Take the time to wait until an enemy has stopped moving for a clean kill. As well, don’t forget that you can kill enemies mid-execution to save a teammate. Timing is everything.
  • Note that there is no stamina cost or such to charging up shots, and you can hold a charged shot foever… but be advised that you will be VERY visible with a white flare effect whilst holding a shot, thus giving away your position to a potential counter-snipe by the enemy Robin.

Marianne (Hunter)

Rumored to be the heir of a powerful nobleman, the Hunter is carving a path of vengeance across the country with her crossbow and its mounted blade. Known never to make the same mistake twice, she has fashioned powerful weapons and tools improved upon every failure of her past. With a burst-fire crossbow attached to her bracer, the Hunter is as elusive as she is mysterious. Her quick takedowns, invisibility magic, and smoke grenades make her a terror in close-quarters.

  • Your omnidirectional assassination skill works on Guards only (albeit including all variants like archers and knights, too).
  • Your assassination animations are both the fastest, and the ones where the attacker moves about the most, making it harder for your victim’s teammates to save them by killing you.
  • Without the respective perk, your ability does not make you really invisible. You can hardly use it to escape out of melee combat, but it makes you completely impercetible to guards. Additionally, it breaks and prevents melee lock-ons… until you take damage, that is.
  • Your crossbow deals very little damage, outside of perks or headshots. Don’t try to win a ranged duel with a Robin, unless he’s already on very low health (remember to tag!).
  • Your smoke bombs aren’t really that useful to give cover to a winch, because the location of the winch is still known to enemies, and they can fire through the smoke, now even without the risk of being spotted by the winchers. BUT the smoke will prevent a nearby Sheriff from targeting your winchers.
  • Your smoke bombs can instantly clear any tagging and melee locks on anyone entering the smoke cloud. This includes both allies, such as the chest carrier, but as well enemies.

John (Brawler)

John is a brawler. An excellent melee fighter, his strength allows him to lift portcullises and carry the chest faster. His wrath ability grants him enhanced vitals and infinite stamina.

  • Whilst your special passive is to open portcullis, you should use this ability VERY sparingly, as it leaves you highly exposed. Furthermore, nearly all portcullis have a side-entrance just a couple seconds of walking away, sprinting through that route is often faster than having a John raise a gate.
  • You have both the highest hitting melee’s in the game, but as well the slowest, most telegraphed and with the highest recovery. Be wary of players both aware of your approach, and skilled enough to parry/dodge your charge, as missing it will put you into an easily punished position.
  • Whilst your ability makes you almost immune to damage, it does in fact NOT make you immune. You can still be stunlocked into oblivion by two (or more) attackers at melee range, you can still be parried and, most critically, you can still be backstabbed whilst you wail at a defensive target. Even with your ability up, don’t mindlessly rush into 1vs2s.
  • Your gear, the frag grenade, is a highly potent ranged option, and also instantly lethal to anything in range (and heavily damaging to everything close to the AoE). Learn it’s targeting arc and the map to lob it over obstacles at key areas, like cap zones, carriers or winches.
  • If caught alone by a pack of knights, don’t hesitate to nuke them with your frag. You can easily replenish gear, but recovering health, time, or a respawn is a bit more critical.
  • Keep in mind that Robin can’t do much to you as long as you got stamina and aware of his position. Just block, tag him (!) and move for cover, whilst waiting for your Robin to take him out.

Tooke (Mystic)

Trained at a young age to become an Inquisitor, the Mystic’s blind obedience to religious scripture made him easily exploited by the State. It was only until his mentor was tortured, wrongfully accused by the people he served, when he decided to rebel against the government’s iron fist. The mystic brings divination and trickery to the battlefield. His mystical powers can detect nearby enemies, while his poisonous smoke bombs can bring unfortunate foes to their knees.

  • Your heavy has the longest range of any melee attack and, given the right circumstances, can one-shot classes without health boosts. But it as well has a very narrow hit zone and can be side-step easily, especially if the enemy is close to you. Try to keep them at a medium range for maximum accuracy.
  • On the topic of his heavy, consider utilizing the game’s lock-on feature to increase chances of hitting.
  • You got a monopoly on healing; no other class has any way whatsoever to regain health. Be aware of that fact, and consider sticking around teammates to throw out some healing in a clutch situation.
  • Stamina is a very limited resource, and usually melee classes expend their entire bar to kill a single target. If that target is healed in the middle of the 1-2-combo, the tides can easily turn by virtue of the attacker becoming a stamina-empty victim.
  • Note that Tooke’s assassination animations for players take quite a bit longer than for guards, and that he’s therefore very exposed if you utilize assassinations mid-combat.
  • Note that your gear (poison bomb) does not directly affect those within it’s AoE, but applies a debuff that lasts for a couple second even beyond leaving it’s AoE. The debuff drains Stamina, but most importantly, completely prevents stamina regeneration, meaning that any hit mid-combat will probably turn into a sitting duck, that can neither attack, block/dodge, nor sprint. This includes yourself (perk nonwithstanding) and your teammates.
  • Additionally the poison bomb is a quite lengthy stun and blind to all NPCs, including the Sheriff. Use it to clear off pursuers, or to give your winches a (somewhat double-edged) break from being chased by the Sheriff.
  • When using the healing grenade perk (and not currently trying to avoid a nearby enemies attention), consider lavishly spending your gear whenever you see a gearbox. Just throw it in the general direction of a teammate, in case they want the heal, and pick up a new one. This goes twice if you’re near the infinite gear box in the vault.
  • A key detail your ability description forgets to mention: Your ability will NOT reveal players who are crouching/sneaking during the ability’s activation (unless you equip the perk doing exactly that).
  • You can shorten the search time for a vault (once you know it’s compound location) drastically by using your ability (preferably central); The vault door is always guarded by a Knight, who both never moves (opposed to regular guards patrolling) and has a different shape (due to his heavier armor). Thus, your ability will reveal the Knight’s outline, giving away the position of the vault.

Written by Alblaka

This is the ending of Hood: Outlaws & Legends Character Tips and Tricks guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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