Hogwarts Legacy – Tips to Arithmancy Puzzle Doors

A guide on how to solve Artihmancy Puzzle (best tips) in Hogwarts Legacy.

Tips to Arithmancy Puzzle Doors

Arithmancy Puzzle Doors Solution

It is not necessary to locate the cipher in order to solve the Arithmancy Door Puzzles. You can open every Arithmancy Door you come across as long as you are aware of what each symbol’s worth is in numbers.

The Arithmancy Door puzzles can be a little frightening to solve, whether you have the cipher or not, but they are a lot simpler than they appear. Simply approach the door to begin the puzzle’s solution and a list of equations will appear. The core number in each equation will be surrounded by three other numbers.

The sum of the three outer numbers must equal the number in the middle.

The catch is that some of the symbols will be replaced by a question mark and possibly a creature-like symbol that corresponds to one of the symbols visible surrounding the door’s arch. Starting from left to right, the symbols represent the numbers 0 through 9. Each of these symbols is a number.

Fortunately, you can find the solution to the substitution equation and open the door.

Using the above door as an example, you’ll always want to start from the central number. So, we’ll start with nine, and then you’ll want to subtract both two and the dragon-like symbol, which, when using the cipher, shows that its numerical value is three.

  • 9 – 2 – 3 (Dragon) =?

This means that the ? is equal to four – which is represented by the bird symbol.

  • ? = 4 (Bird)

To confirm this result, add all three of these numbers together, and you’ll get nine. Now, simply repeat this step for the second equation – see the equation below:

  • 4 – 1 – 0 =  ??
    •  ?? = 3 (Dragon)

Now that you’ve worked out the value of? and ??, roll the large triangle symbols beside each door, so the question marks represent the symbol of each numerical value.

You may now access all the hidden stuff inside, most of which will be gear, once the symbols have been rolled into position.

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