Hogwarts Legacy – How to Use Revelio (RareSpell)

A quick informative guide on how to use revelio (RareSpell) Hogwarts Legacy experience.

Guide to Use Revelio

Revelio (RareSpell) Overpowered (Easyxp)

Press “R” on your keyboard. If you hear a little “ding” sound, that means that there is a discoverable Field Guide Page nearby and it will be somewhat visible for a short time. Follow the sound or look for the flicker of the page and press “R” (your Revelio spell) when next to it to summon the page forth.

Tips for Collecting Field Guide Pages

Do not press “F” to pick them up! Make sure you use your Accio spell to slap that bad boy right into your Field Guide Book.

Use Revelio on Your Broomstick

While flying on your broomstick, press “R” to use your Revelio spell. Not only will it highlight interactable objects, it will show you the icons of nearby locations such as merchants, merlin trials, dungeons, etc.

Why Is It Not Highlighting These ♥♥♥ Ball Cuddling Monkeys?

I found that the Demiguise holding moons were only being shown to me through Revelio (Press “R” to use) when it was night time, which is the only time you can interact with it. So if you want to collect Demiguise Moons it would be best to make sure it is nighttime.

Tip for Getting to Nighttime

Open your map by pressing “M” and press “F” to wait for time to pass by accepting the prompt by pressing “Spacebar”. This lets you skip from daytime to nighttime or vice versa.

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