Hogwarts Legacy – How to Ride Mount (Hippogriff) and Broom

A guide on how to ride the flying mount (Hippogriff) and the flying brooms in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Ride Mount (Hippogriff)

In Hogwarts Legacy, you are given access to the Hippogriff after a certain quest in the game. The quest in question, “To The High Keep”, sees you encounter Natty near the old castle ruins as you follow Theophilus Harlow. So all you have to do is play the game for a certain amount of time until you reach this quest.

Traveling to Falbarton Castle, you encounter poachers who have captured Highwing the Hippogriff and another, Onxy Hippogriff.
You’ll have to fight off some poachers as you pass through the castle, but you’ll have to make sure you completely loot every room in the castle, as some rooms off the beaten path may contain several collectible chests.

How to Ride the Flying Broom

On your second day at Hogwarts, that is, when you return to the common room to relax and complete the Jackdaw’s Rest quest, you will receive the ‘Flying Class’ quest. , heading here to the Flying Classroom Lawn in Hogwarts’ Bell Tower Wing. Here you will get a little flying lesson from Madam Kogawa and a tour of the castle by air if you choose to accept Everett Clopton’s offer; this will deduct some points from your home, but it’s worth it for the aerial shot.

After you finish the class, you can head over to Spintwitch’s Sporting Needs in Hogsmeade to pick up a broom. This shop is closed when you first get there, but after class, you can get any broom you want for under 600. Remember that if you don’t have enough gold, you can sell gear or get it by looting boxes, camps, and treasure chests. Purchasing a broom also unlocks the Flight Test quest with Imelda Reyes in Quidditch Pitch. Completing these can provide upgrades for your broom to improve your flying experience.

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