Hogwarts Legacy – How to Make Potions (List of All)

A guide on how to make potions (list of all) in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Make Potions (List of All)

All Potions, Ingredients, and Effects

There are currently seven different types of potions that can be purchased, brewed or found in-game. Each of these offers a unique effect, such as health or rock-solid skin. They all have their own uses and you can find the full list below so you know which one you need.

Wiggenweld Elixir – Restores a small amount of health to the drinker.
1 Dittani Leaf ( Dittany Leaves)
1 Horklump Juice ( Horklump Juice )

Maxima Potion – Temporarily increases the drinker’s magic damage.
1 Leech Juice ( Leech Juice )
1 Spider Tooth ( Spider Fang )

Elixir of Concentration – Temporarily reduces the drinker’s spell cooldowns.
1 Lacewing Flies ( Lacewing Flies )
1 Dugbog Language ( Dugbog Tongue )
1 Fluxweed Stem ( Fluxweed Stem)

Edurus Elixir – Strengthens the drinker’s defenses by covering them with durable rocky skin.
1 Ashwinger Egg ( Ashwinger Egg )
1 Hybrid Fur ( Mongrel Fur )

Potion of Invisibility – Makes the drinker invisible for a short time.
1 Leaping Toadstool Cap
1 Knot Branch ( Knotgross Sprig )
1 Troll Bogey (Troll Bogey)

Felix Felicis – Shows the locations of large loot chests on the minimap during an in-game day.
1 Lacewing Flies ( Lacewing Flies )
1 Fluxweed Stem ( Fluxweed Stem )

Thunderbrew – Creates a storm around the drinker that stuns and damages nearby enemies.
1 Stench of the Dead
1 Dried Fig Fruit ( Shrivelfig Fruit )
1 Leech Juice ( Leech Juice )

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