Hogwarts Legacy – How to Make Merlin Trials

A guide on how to make Merlin Trials in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Make Merlin Trials

You’ll find them all over the world map, but they start close to Hogwarts.

After a few hours at Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll travel south from Hogwarts to meet a classmate (quest, The Girl from Uagadou). Turn off the road and talk to the NPC at the location marked on the map above. After fending off some rogue mages, he will share some information about Merlin and his Slytherin legacy in the form of Merlin Trial puzzles.

The NPC will gift you five Mallowsweet Leafs (a necessary reagent to start them) for the first few tries. Use them in circles on the ground to start the experiment.

Completing the Merlin Trials will increase your gear capacity. It’s relatively easy to clean, so if you come across one (indicated by a black and white leaf icon on your map), try to make a point of interacting with it.

Where can you find more Mallowsweet Leaves and seeds at Hogwarts Legacy?

When you run out of Mallowsweet Leaves, you can buy more from Hogsmeade.

To buy 100 more gold, head to Timothy Teasedale’s The Magic Neep store in the western part of Hogsmeade (the exact location in the gallery above). You can also purchase Mallowsweet seeds from The Magic Neep.

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