Hogwarts Legacy – How to Fast Travel

This guide shows how to fast travel in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Fast Travel in Hogwarts Legacy

Upon arrival at Hogwarts, you will discover the Floo Flames during the opening quest. Shown with a bright green flame on the wall, these fast-travel spots can be found throughout Hogwarts and as you explore the off-campus areas known as The Highlands.

To use Floo Flames, you first need to make sure you unlock them. You will need to visit their location to unlock a Floo Flame. Fortunately, you don’t need to interact with the Floo Flames to unlock them, as simply getting close to the area around them will make them explore.

An unlocked Flame is represented on the map by a green flame, while an inactive Flame appears in gray.

After unlocking Floo Flames, open your map and select any of the green Floo Flame icons you want to travel with and then select the fast travel option to teleport to its location. With short loading times, fast traveling through the wizarding world has never been easier.

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