Hiveswap: Act 2 – Caves and Bees, Train Station Walkthrough

This walkthrough will help you on caves and bees, train station in Hiveswap: Act 2.

Caves And Bees

  • Walk into the cave
  • After xefros puts the spoon on the table, leave the cave
  • Check the trash pile for the horns
  • Go back into the cave
  • Exit the cave to the far right
  • Try to enter the forest to the far right
  • Try to enter the house
  • Switch to xefros and use telekinesis on the door
  • Inside, use telekinesis on the big yellow book on top of the shelf
  • Switch to joey and read the book
  • Select the newly learned bee dance (far right in the hotbar at the top of the screen) and use it on the caged lusus
  • Select the cornucopia lookin things in the beehive
  • Choose a horn type, then do the dance for the lusus again
  • Play the game and try not to suck
  • Leave the house and enter the forest on the far right

Train Station

  • Use the ticket machine
  • Go to the right and enter the platform
  • (there are multiple ways you can get the needed ticket; this is just the one i chose)
  • Talk to the one with the similar sign color as joey, chixie
  • Talk to her again
  • Now talk to the blue girl, elwurd
  • Talk to her again
  • Talk to chixie
  • After your chat with her, tell xefros you want to talk her out of it
  • Talk to elwurd again and tell her chixie’s secret
  • Talk to chixie with elwurd
  • After chixie leaves, do business with elwurd
  • Relinquish the pogs d:
  • Click the gate and select “wait”

by james

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