Hide Or Die – Useful Tips (Perks, Extractor, Hiding, Gas, Escape)

Useful tips of Hide Or Die for perks, extractor, hiding, gas, escaping.

General Useful Tips

  • If you have a tazer and you are being chased, to turn around and aim at the hunter while you keep walking backwards. If the killer goes straight to you, just taze him. If he starts strafing and moving erratically to make you miss, DONT SHOOT, this can help you keep distance as he is not using his full speed towards you, and its wasting it on moving around. This time might be enough for your stamina to finish replenishing. If so, keep running towards a spot where you can lose him.
  • The moleculizer turns you invisible, but sometimes your silhouette still be seen (like a predator’s cloak), so don’t rely 100% on it to lose the hunter.
  • Hiding from the hunter doesn’t mean wasted time. If you hide while inside the extractor’s area while its running, you will be making extra points for your team and moving the objective forward to its completion.
  • Do not underestimate any item. Every item can be extremely useful on different situations, learn how to take full advantage of them.
  • The hunter cannot see you while on Dark Sight mode. One bold move could be to move towards it so it runs pass you. Since your last known location will be left behind you, you will leave the hunter investigating an empty area.
  • If you took an item into the match, you will spawn with it. Even if you use your item once, you will recover it once someone rescues you from a coffin.
Where to Get Perks?

Under the Survivor tab, there is the Dark Path section. Here you explore different nets of nodes, which grant you items you can take into a match. You can also find perks and augments, which grant you special bonuses.

Can you even survive a chase once the killer finds you?

If you are in a open space, its will only be a matter of time before he gets you. Super sprint is only a tool to give you a couple of seconds, but you won’t regain your stamina before he catches up. There are only 2 things you can do:

  • Items: The tazer, and the bear trap can disable the hunter for a few seconds, and the grenades (smoke, flashband, moleculizer) can disorient him. Use these seconds to hide, not just gain distance.
  • Juke: Play mindgames on the hunter. Turn a corner, go prone, and as soon as he passes next to you run from he came from. Turn a corner and make the hunter take a shortcut to catch up yo you, and instead go back from where you came from. Hard to pull off, specially if you don’t know the maps.
How to hide?

First of all, remember that you can go prone. And its EXTREMELY useful. There are a lot of corners, under passages, elevated crates, high grass where you can hide by going prone. Explore every corner of the map. Crouching behind the first crate you see won’t keep you safe for long.
The best hiding spots are usually up (on top of some crates, or a roof), or down (prone on tall grass, being the most notorious example). Get creative.

Where are the gas cans?

They spawn once you start an extractor. They will spawn each and every time the extractor is started.

How to escape?

Turn on extractors, fuel them, and stay inside their area of influence until you collect enough points.
Then two hatches will be available to exit the level, and both are closed. Takes around 15 – 20 seconds to open a hatch, and the progress towards opening it is not lost if you interrupt the opening.

How does extractor scoring work?

Each extractor will generate 1 point per second once active. These points will be rewarded to the player who activated the extractor. Also, an additional point is generated for each player inside an active extractor area, these points are rewarded to each player inside the area.
This means that 3 active generators, with 3 players inside the area, will generate 6 points per second.

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