Heroes of the Three Kingdoms 8 – Useful Tips (Quests, Diamonds, Energy, and More)

This is useful tips (quests, diamonds, energy, and more) for Heroes of the Three Kingdoms 8.

Useful Tips (Quests, Diamonds, Energy, and More)

  • Monthly sale on diamonds. This is the time to buy diamonds if you want to spend real money.
  • Monthly, weekly, and daily sales in cash shop for diamonds. You can earn some diamonds F2P. Go for these sales, monthly before anything else.
  • Every hero comes with a free item pack. This includes free heroes! Simply select a hero, click Start, then select Trials. You will need to clear 3 puzzles. Upon clearing these, you will get your free item pack.
  • Do not spend your energy on wheel. Instead, spend it on casual Challenge. This will get you 100 refining gems and 1500 gold.
  • Every 3 days you get an epic or legendary challenge for free. Clear it and you get the epic or legendary item in the challenge.
  • 3 guild rewards free per day.
  • Ranking up will get you rewards. Top 3 will get crafting materials. Reaching certain points on ladder will earn you packs. Platinum gives 10 high class item packs. Ladder seems a little bugged at the moment as diamond and master show up as platinum and will give the same reward.

Daily quest

  • The first thing you want to spend gold on is unlocking all rune slots on your first page. This is important!
  • The next thing you want to spend gold on is getting whatever spells you need from the shop for your builds.
  • Next, spend gold on unlocking heroes. Remember, every hero comes with a free item pack.
  • Spend gold on runes. Runes really help early game a lot.

Focus on one hero you really like. Refining is very RNG. Playing multiple heroes likely requires multiple sets of the same legendary items due to refining mechanic. This is why it’s so important to just focus on one hero at the start.

The hero can be expanded out to several inventory tabs/rune tabs. This will allow selecting a build for a hero to counter the current match.

Check ladder to see what heroes are currently powerful.

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