Hero Siege: Season 9 – Builds Guide (Nomad, Pirate, Necro)

It is a guide for builds (Nomad, Pirat, Necro) in Hero Siege: Season 9 is the newly released.

Builds Guide

Season 9 Nomad Set Build

You need the skills and gear to play the Nomad using the Elder’s of Mos’Arathim set. This build provides a good screen clear and fairly fast movement speed so it is a lot of fun to play.

  • Gear 0:42
  • Mercenary Gear 2:48
  • Talents: 4:42
  • Hero Levels 5:50
  • Relics 6:03
  • Gameplay 6:50

Season 9 Set Pirate Build

You need the skills and gear to play the Pirate using the Black Beard’s Remains set. This is a very fun auto attacker build that provides consistent damage and doesn’t need to worry too much about getting defensive runes, unlike some other builds.

  • Gear 0:40
  • Mercenary Gear 3:44
  • Talents: 5:48
  • Hero Levels 6:47
  • Relics 7:18
  • Gameplay 9:10

Season 9 Necro Set Build

This build is super fun because he can zip around the map and clear very quickly. The Shockadin is also a really good mining character.

  • Gear 0:47
  • Mercenary Gear 4:29
  • Talents : 6:28
  • Hero Levels 7:24
  • Relics 7:52
  • Gameplay 9:05

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