Helltaker – Ending (and Secret) Walkthrough & Achievement

This is ending (and Secret) walkthrough & achievement for Helltaker.

Ending (and Secret) Walkthrough & Achievement

Chapter X – Epilogue

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end!

Talk to every demoness in your house of sin and answer the door to end the game.

You may want to replay this chapter to get the Secret Ending.

Secret Ending

Stand on the pentagram carpet and do the Helltaker dance! The sequence is found by collecting all 3 Ancient Inscriptions.

After a short dialogue, enter the Void Portal to end the game.

Pay attention to the secret credits as it’s different from the normal credits.


Alternate Solution

Look for the Secret URL and Password in the secret end credits. Zdrada enjoys this too much.

Open the secret link: https://vanripper.itch.io/artbook

Enter the password and download the Official Helltaker Artbook.

If you like it, support the dev and buy the Steam DLC!

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