Helltaker – 100% Achievement and Complete Puzzle Solutions (All Chapters)

This contains 100% achievements and complete puzzle solutions in all chapters of Helltaker.

100% Achievement and Complete Puzzle Solutions

Chapter 1 – The Tired Demon

There is 1 achievement you can get by completing this level.


Romance a demon

(story achievement)

Finish Chapter I and seduce Pandemonica. (Option 2).

(You can use Skip Puzzle).

Chapter II  - The Lustful Demon


Chapter III          - The Triple Demon


Chapter IV         - The Sour Demon

There is 1 achievement you can get by completing this level with the Ancient Inscription.


Disregard the key

(secret achievement)

Finish Chapter IV and find the secret Ancient Inscription.


Alternate Solution

Chapter V    - The Bìtch Demon

Make sure to grab the Ancient Inscription!


Chapter VI – The Curious Angel

There are 2 achievements and an Ancient Inscription you can get in this level.

You can get them all by playing in this order:

  • Activate Life Advice (L or LB) and pick the Bad Ending. (Option 2).
  • Grab the last Ancient Inscription.
  • Choose Azazel’s Bad Ending.
  • Choose Azazel’s Good Ending.


Find some peace

(secret achievement)

Start Chapter VI and use Life Advice (L or LB) and pick the Bad Ending. (Option 2).


Abandon your quest

(secret achievement)

Finish Chapter VI with the Bad Ending. (Option 2). Read Alternate Solution below.


Alternate Solution

Chapter VII   - The Awesome Demon

She’s so awesome she’s guaranteed to join your harem. There’s no bad ending.


Chapter VIII – The CEO of Hell

You need to answer 2 questions correctly to seduce her.


Chapter IX – Judgement Part 1

The final puzzle chapter! This chapter have 2 parts; normal Sokoban puzzle and a Boss fight with new mechanics. Finish the Sokoban puzzle part like normal, and prepare for the Crypt of the NecroDancer part.

When you finally get to seduce Judgement, there’s no Bad Ending. You can pick any options you’d like.

Good Luck and Godspeed !


Chapter IX – Judgement Part 2

Congratulations! You’ve managed to reach the Crypt of DemonDancer game!

Here’s all you need to know:

  • You have 4 HP, represented by the flames at the bottom.
  • The conveyor belt will start moving up, dragging you to the spikes.
  • Try to stay in the middle and evade the chains when they flash.
  • There are 4 parts and you’ll have 4 HP for each parts. Deaths will restart the last part.
  • After a while, there will be chains anchored to the sides. stand next to it and push towards it to kick. The anchored chains will be destroyed after 6 kicks.
  • After you’ve successfully destroyed the III – Chains of Luxuria, you may try to seduce Judgement.


By zipeater ツ

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