Hearts of Iron IV – Don’t Die for Your Country Achievement

This guide will help you on “Don’t Die for Your Country Achievement” of Hearts of Iron IV.

Don’t Die for Your Country Achievement


For some basics, you need to start as Germany in the 1939 start date (obviously), and you can’t use paratroopers, which makes this slightly more difficult but this guide will tell you how to get this achievement not just with <475 casualties, but 0 casualties altogether (given you’re lucky enough, of course). Yeah, there is some luck involved, but from my trials this guide is basically the easiest way and most consistent to get the achievement. Please don’t hate on the crappy photos 🙁

Prep Phase

So now that you’re actually in the game, there are a few things you need to do before hitting play.

Starting with your military staff, I recommend Raeder as Chief of Navy and Goring as Chief of Airforce, as well as Schorner and Rommel for Military High Command, their buffs tend to be useful.

For construction, focus all available military factories on fighter production, just set it to 150 factories and relax. No other construction matters and you’ll have won the war within 2 or 3 months so nothing else matters. Also, set all your dockyards for convoy construction to keep them occupied whenever they finish whatever construction they’re on at the start.

Then for imports, just import from countries that are not part of the allies. Hungary is good for aluminum, and Siamese for rubber, you don’t want to go for Dutch as this will send convoys through the English Channel, which is no good and could confuse your navy.

Select 24 divisions near the French border and assign them to guard it, the French won’t attack so you don’t even need a general. However, assign them to Kluge as the Field Marshal, he’s panzer focused and that’s all we care about, and generally the best choice anyway. Select the rest of your available divisions and assign them all along the Polish border, you won’t invade but you don’t want them to attack you. Also, you’re not going to be inviting Slovakia so don’t worry about their border with Poland.

Next, delete your 4 motorized divisions. You also start with 2 different tank division templates, keep the ones that 7 divisions start with and delete the other 4 tank divisions, then use your military experience to add 2 motorized divisions to the remaining tank division. Also, delete the cavalry division, it’s kinda pointless.

Scrap your entire air-force so you can reassign them from scratch. Put 400 fighters and 400 CAS (you’ll only have 390 to start but just set it to 400) to be flying for air superiority and CAS missions over Western Poland. Set up 800 fighters in the Rhineland, as well as your heavy fighters, might as well, 100 of them and along with 500 tac bombers in the airport west of the Rhine (the one with 600 capacity), and 500 more tac bombers with 100 naval bombers in the airport north of that, at Weser-Ems. Assign all of these to fly over the English Channel for air superiority, naval strike, port strike, and CAS missions. I also recommend assigning airforce in groups of 100, but you don’t have to. The airforce isn’t terribly important, just make sure those in the West can fly over the English Channel, and that’s all you really care about.

Next, consolidate your entire navy into one large fleet at Weser-Ems, we’ll come back to them later.

Finally, for the final set-up, assign the remaining 7 tank divisions to be under Guderian, he’s the best tank leader. Draw a frontline for them in Danzig, in the Northern 2 provinces, however, unassign the one tank division in West Prussia and instead manually move him to be on the province next to Danzig, as well as all the infantry in West Prussia, and make sure they’re unassigned as well. You can also assign the 80-division army along Poland to be under Bock, as he has the highest attack, and don’t worry about this far exceeding his cap.

Don’t worry about research or other construction or decisions or focuses or literally anything else, all of that is pointless.

That’s it for prep, now comes the fun part…

Polish and French Invasion

You’ll need to invade early, the Polish AI practically always leaves Danzig undefended for the first few days, so wait a day for them to remove their troops, and invade before they come back. Usually, the best time is around 16 Aug, as there will be nobody in Danzig and a single cavalry division in the province to its west, and those are the only two you will need to conquer all of Poland.

As soon as you declare war, send your tank division into Danzig with all the infantry following right behind it, you’ll need to deter any Polish counter-attack. Danzig would be yours by the end of the day, and the Polish won’t attack you, most likely. Now comes an important bit, attack the province west of Danzig with all your tank divisions that are near it, you’ll need to constantly hold-attack in order to reset the battle and prevent yourself from taking any casualties. If you don’t know how to do this, run the game in 3 speed, order an attack, and then hold as soon as you can (you can just hold “H” with the troops selected) and then as soon as they stop attacking, order the attack again. You’ll take the province quickly and then just leave the 80 divisions defending whatever it is they are defending, you’ve defeated the Polish in 2 days. Make sure to extend the frontline to cover Danzig, and assign the infantry in West Prussia to the frontline. As long as you have a bit of luck, Poland won’t attack you and you don’t have to worry about them.

Next up is the French, railroad your 7 tank divisions to Wilhelmshaven, this will be the point of invasion for France. Also, now is when we come back to your navy, now that they are one. Assign them all to be under Donitz as he is the best naval commander, and then split off 3 destroyer groups about 7/8 destroyers per group, make sure to keep them under Donitz as well. Don’t assign them yet, you’ll assign them just as you launch your invasion of France.

Speaking of, you’ll need to assign your tank divisions to invade the North of France, 1 tank per province in order to launch it as quickly as possible. There are 4 provinces you’ll want to navally invade, as they tend to have no French defense usually, although you might get unlucky sometimes, in which case you can restart. These 4 provinces are Calais, the province between Calais and Amiens, Amiens itself, and Dieppe. Once they are ready to invade, in a week’s time, assign your navy to support the naval invasion in the English Channel and Eastern North Sea.

If a division is caught, you can risk letting them continue, or delete the division to be safe, don’t be afraid to delete them as it’s generally the best way to avoid casualties. Having landed, usually, the French are defending Dunkirk, if they’re not, move the division in Calais to Dunkirk, and then Lille, otherwise, just wrap around to Lille. Send the one in Amiens for Paris, and the one in Dieppe for Rouen, as Le Havre is generally defended, if it’s not going for it as well. After taking Paris, move for Orleans. The French might retake Calais, in that case, they usually leave Dunkirk open so take Dunkirk. Either way, generally after taking Paris and Orleans, as well as the other few cities in the North, the French will surrender, usually within a few days of your invasion.

With France out of the picture, we now turn our eyes North to the United Kingdom, the hardest part of this achievement. Oh and don’t establish Vichy France.

The United Kingdom

Unlike Poland, you need to capitulate the UK, and unlike France, they don’t surrender easily, so you’ll need to pay close attention to your invasion and make sure to move every division province by province in order to not get into battles because you shift-clicked orders out.

Now at this point, it’s much more up to you how to handle the invasion as the AI moves troops to stop you in the UK depending on what land you take, and you need most of the VP’s, but usually, it’s relatively undefended so I’ll give as many tips as I can.

Depending on how many divisions you deleted previously, this invasion can change but there are 3 key areas you want to invade, Portsmouth from Cherbourg, Dover from Le Havre, and Norwith from Dunkirk. If you have more divisions, you can either have them follow this naval invasion after they happen into port, or launch extra invasions along the coast. Make sure to keep 1 destroyer along each naval province to scout the area and ensure the British aren’t defending.

Either way, once your invasion lands, without any battles, if you play your cards right and get a little lucky, you’ll need to quickly move to secure more VP’s. If some divisions are caught during the invasion, you can delete them to be safe, or they get surrounded or the British attack and you can’t retreat, delete them. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Either way, assuming you got a few divisions to land, the rest is really up to you.

If you had divisions successfully land in Portsmouth, move one towards Plymouth and Truro, if you have two there move another towards Bristol and Cardiff, otherwise after taking Truro go for them. If you successfully landed in Dover, move for London and Birmingham, from Norwith head towards Sheffield, although by the time they get there most of your divisions will be heading there anyway.

It’s important to keep in mind moving province by province, don’t just send divisions out and sit back, the British will likely be moving troops or defending some cities so flank around and try to draw them out or head for other VP’s and return later, if they are really stubborn you can always hold-attack to break them, but make sure to be careful. To capitulate the UK you need all of the VP’s in England and some in Scotland, so this is the lengthiest part of the achievement as you need to pay close attention to British troop positioning and look for openings and move bit by bit.

However, once they capitulate, which might take some restarts to get with no casualties, you’ll be able to annex Poland, as you took Danzig giving you territory in them and thus allowing their annexation in the peace deal, annex all of France, and all of the UK, with 0, or next to it if you’re unlucky, casualties. Tah-dah you’re now part of like 0.01% of HOI4 players! (At the time of me writing this, anyway.)

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