Hardspace: Shipbreaker – How To Salvage Any Mackerel In A Single Shift

A guide on how to salvage any mackerel in a single shift, its actually very simple to do and you get 3+ mil per ship in Hardspace: Shipbreaker.

Useful Tips (How To Salvage Any Mackerel In A Single Shift)

If your doing Tier 2 Do the Antennas and Thrusters

1. Antennas Into The Barge
2. Go Inside and Decompress the Cabin
3. Disconnect the Cockpit
4. Disconnect the Floors All they way to the Engine Room, And Salvage Floor
5. Reactor in to the Barge
6. Disconnect the Rear of the Ship
7. Unlock the Thruster (if required)
7. Disconnect the Roof, And Salvage Roof
8. Go Along the corridors and Cut Beams
9. Turn off Fuel and Disconnect Fuel
10. Barge the Nacelles
11. Repeat on the Other Side
12. Send the Power cell to Barge
13. Clean Out the Main cabin, Don’t Forget Airlock Handles
14. Send Cabin to Smelter
15. Get the Coolant Tanks to Barge
16. Cut the Beams in the Cockpit then salvage
17. Clean out the Cockpit, then send to Salvage

by piranha

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