Hand Simulator: Survival – How To Respawn – Tip

Hi everyone. Hand Simulator: Survival is a new game that is cheap, new, and with unique mechanics. This guide will help on how to respawn in Hand Simulator: Survival.

What Is Hand Simulator?

Wild island. Thirst and hunger. Dangerous animals and insects. The perfect place to test your survival skills, especially if you only have empty hands, especially if it is a hand simulator.

About Hand Simulator: Survival

In the company of friends or strangers you find yourself on a desert island. Your task is to live longer than anyone else, wait for the ship, attract its attention with a bonfire and sail away from the island. Look for water. Hunt animals. Build houses and build fires. Do everything not to die on the first night from the unbearable conditions of survival.

Hand simulator: survival uses a brand new hand controller. With it, you can quickly run, jump and interact with the world. Less errors, more stability.
Dynamic change of day and night, as well as a limited number of resources will not let you relax. Only the most dexterous will survive.

You can experience yourself on the island in the company of up to 8 people.

How To Respawn?

There is no respawn, once you died you have to join a new server.

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