Hand Simulator Survival – How To Make a Fire – Tip

To control character is not easy though you learn Hand Simulator: Survival with training mode (Guide Book: making fire). Especially, in the online mode, other users can attack you with rock and scorpion beside the challenge of thirst, hunger, health. Considering all this, it is also the problem that making fire. Before the topic is on how to make a fire, I want to review Hand Simulator: Survival.

About Hand Simulator: Survival

In the company of friends or strangers, you find yourself on a desert island. Your task is to live longer than anyone else, wait for the ship, attract its attention with a bonfire and sail away from the island. Look for water. Hunt animals. Build houses and build fires. Do everything not to die on the first night from the unbearable conditions of survival.

Hand simulator: survival uses a brand new hand controller. With it, you can quickly run, jump and interact with the world. Fewer errors, more stability.
Dynamic change of day and night, as well as a limited number of resources, will not let you relax. Only the most dexterous will survive.

How To Make A Fire?

It is the only way to make a fire is that having two rocks with your hands.

  • add up the ground collecting sticks (5)
  • Hit stones each other using two hands.

Do not forget, you should be patient! Using hands to hit stones could be hard for you!

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