Halo: Reach – How to Get Achievements – Skullamanjaro

Guide involves how to capture skulls and to get Skullamanjaro.

Skullamanjaro is a specific Medal of Headhunter mode.

For get a skullamanjaro you need to capture 10 skulls at once in a specific zone,
the zone(like a hill) moves his location every 15/30/60 s.
Natively this achievement was born for Halo CE Anniversary DLC only but now you can get it on any halo reach map.

How the Game Type Works:

it s a 4v4, everyone has an inventory where can fill skulls on, the inventory is visible as a number displayed over the head of the player just if the player has 1 or 10 skulls and this number is visible to everyone.

  • Killing a player with 0 skulls it drops 1 skull.
  • killing a player with 1 skull it drops 2 skulls
  • // 2
  • //3
  • // 3
  • //4
  • // …
  • //…
  • // 9
  • //10

You can grab the skull and it will be added to your inventory,without press x or anything.

The base game end scoring 25 points.

You can get 2 medals for both team so 4 players can get the achievement in one match.

We need to test if it’s possible to do in custom map.


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