Halo: Reach – How to Fix All Crashes (Unlocks, Co-op, Graphic, FOV)

Stop complaining about the lack of the other games so far. It is YOUR FAULT and no one else’s for not having common sense and not being able to read. It CLEARLY says on the store page that the others are coming later. Hmm, wonder why only Reach is available as a separate purchase, for what possible reason could that be? And have you not heard the insane hype surrounding Reach? Your fault, stop getting upset and crying to 343i and how they ‘abolished’ the franchise over the tiniest thing, especially when it’s your fault.

2. Can I Buy Halo: Reach without Buying the Whole Collection

Yes you can buy Reach without buying the whole collection for $50 and are able to play Reach. You don’t need the MCC. Buying the MCC just means you get all the games when they release (which you’ll still be able to buy separately). You still get the MCC which contains Reach. Every other game isn’t accessible.

3. “Why does this game look like it came out on the Xbox 360 in 2010 when it just got re-released on PC?”

Probably because it’s a game that came out on the Xbox 360 in 2010 and just got re-released on the PC. This isn’t a remaster, it’s a port, just like Halo 3, ODST and 4 were only ports on the Xbox One MCC, not remasters. It’s not a hard concept to grasp, and if you’re upset, maybe get some common sense. “Durrr wondr why only halo ce and 2 have anniversary in their name, mayb becoz theyre rly special” You’re special, mate, you’re special…

4. “Where’s my old unlocks?”

Gone. Forever. Unless you play the 360 version. This was announced forever ago and they aren’t planning on changing it and I can’t imagine they could no matter how many people have asked given the new system. Keep up.

5. ONI Sword Base doesn’t load:

Verify your game files, then once they’ve downloaded, restart Steam.

6. “Where’s all muh graphical options?”

Not there. This is still a port of a 9 year old Xbox game. There’s ZERO reason this 9 year old game, a game that can run on just about anything at 60FPS no less, needs extensive graphical options. Stuff like bloom, motion blur etc. I understand, but do you really need to tweak shadow and texture resolutions and whatever else? Why?

7. Is there local co-op?

I’ve read people say no, but the game has a LAN option sooo… idk.

8. Can you online co-op?

Yes. Invite a friend to your game.

9. Is there matchmaking co-op?


10. Is there firefight?

Yes and with matchmaking.

11. Is this port a disaster or no?

Depends on whether you get lucky and have issues like some do or don’t like me and have an almost issue free game. It also depends on whether tiny things like graphical options are worth calling 343i the worst company of all time over. Mouse input is perfect for me and I’m hell finnicky about these things. I have no lag online in Australia (which is a God send since Xbox MCC is impossible to play because of lag) and everything scales well to 4K and whatever else you want.

12. Do controllers have auto aim?

Yes. As they did with Halo 2’s port, because there’s no way a controller without auto-aim could ever compete with a mouse, so get over it. I mean, really, have you tried it? It’s incredibly difficult.

13. Is there a FOV slider?

Yes. For both vehicles and first-person.

14. Is playing with a controller online viable without getting your ♥♥♥ handed to you?

Absolutely. I’ve played multiple games fine and seen people do decent on my team and others, and yet on my first game I topped the leaderboard on a game of Team Slayer with 22 kills and not too many deaths. Everyone seems pretty experienced soo… yes, it’s fine.

15. “Omg where’s forge and theatre this is a disgrace how dare you 343i I’m getting my mom to sue you”

Hold your horses, kiddo, forge and theatre are coming soon and this was announced ages ago.

16. Can’t log into the game

Turn off the option that hides your IP in the settings and it should help (thanks Elkethus).

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