Halo: Reach – How to Find Data Pad Locations – Exodus – Tips

Guide explains about how to find Data Pad Locations in Exodus and its tips


Data Pad

After crossing a large open area with the jet pack, you’ll land in a warzone with tons of enemies. Shoot through ’em to get to the unlit catwalks overhead. The data pad is on top of the catwalk.

Data Pad

Legendary Only

After the point where you get the first data pad, you’ll exit to a large courtyard between two buildings. Fight your way up the stairs but don’t enter the next building. Instead, follow the walkway to the right. You need to jump over the railing and use the jet pack to fly over to a small ledge created by a series of beams. Hop your way up the small ledges, taking breaks with each successful jump to refill your jet pack. The data pad is found atop a couple of air conditioning vents.

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