Halo: Reach – Data Pad Tips – Winter Contingency

Guide will help you about data pad tips in Winter Contingency

Data Pad 1

Legendary Only

As soon as you’ve exited out of the chopper and run down the hill. A cloaked elite will start running along the lower path, spawning in next to the gate, and running over to the cliff, where he hill despawn. If you can tag him before he reaches the gate, the elite will pause and look at you, giving you time to bring down his shields and finish him off. Alternative, depending on the Elites’ AI path-finding, it might be possible to assassinate him. This isn’t easy. Don’t waste a shot or you’ll have to reload. It will be a lot easier to do in Co-op.

Data Pad 2

Difficult to miss unless speed running through the level. When you find the truck, drive northwest. After crossing a bridge, keep left to drive into an area in front of some buildings. Look for the data pad in the building on the right.

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