Halo Infinite – Where to Locate All Collectibles

A guide on where to locate all collectibles in Halo Infinite.

Where to Locate All Collectibles

A clean and simple guide to help you find all missable items in Halo Infinite’s sandbox.


At this present time, there is NO WAY to revisit prior areas in the campaign. So, you need to make sure you’re getting them all before heading off. You can have multiple saves, but your progress will be bound to your account. So only those which you haven’t found yet will show up.

If you think you’re going to miss a collectible on a mission, it is better to restart than have to play the game again. 343 have confirmed they will be looking into this, so expect some kind of mission format later on.


The first set of missions in Infinite.

This covers the following regions:

  • Warship Gbraakon
  • Foundation
  • Outpost Tremonius

The following Items are available:

  • 1x Mjolnir Locker
  • 2x Skull
  • 3x Banished Audio Log
  • 3x Spartan Core
  • 4x UNSC Audio Log

Warship Gbraakon

UNSC Audio Log #1 – The Plan

This Audio Log should automatically appear in your database as you progress through the level.

Audio Log #2 – Infinity Down

Progress through the level until you’ve gotten to the first elevator, this should be after the grappleshot tutorial. At the top of the elevator, you’ll be in a room with a left turn. Where the right-angle turn is you’ll see a collection of boxes and weapons on the ground, among them is an Audio Log.

Skull #1 – Boom

After you have engaged the brutes through the first section of the level, you’ll arrive at a large lift. Go straight up it. Progress a little further and you’ll grab some spike grenades. You’ll arrive in a large two tiered room. You’ll see a large number conveyor belts to your right. Jump onto the middle container as it’s rising up; careful not to get crushed by the laser grid. Once the container stops you should be able to see the Skull right ahead of you.

Banished Audio Logs #1 – Loss

As you continue on, you’ll get pull out of Chief’s POV, and enter a cutscene with Esherum. After that, stay near the top floor, take a right-hand turn you’ll see this Audio Log on the ground Make sure you grab the log before blowing up the reactors and activating the switch, otherwise you’ll have to restart the mission.


UNSC Audio Log #1 – The Question

This Audio Log will automatically unlock through a cutscene. Unmissable.

Skull #2 – Cowbell

As you progress through the level, you’ll pick up your trusty AI companion, then move along up an elevator. You’ll eventually come out at an intersection with a see-through window. Go left down that corridor where you’ll be attacked by some Jackles and grunts. Straight above is a narrow outcropping. Use you zip line to clamber up to the very highest point. The Skull will be waiting at the top.

Banished Audio Logs #1 – Cylix

Collect the weapon and cross the room with the large raising bridge. This isn’t any of the hard light bridges that you encounter, but a physical bridge that will raise chunk by chunk from the ground. Right at the end of this room, but before you move to the next area, this Audio Log will be to the left of the door.

UNSC Audio Log #2 – Not My Fault

In the final area of the level, a large red room, you’ll be tasked with getting a power seed from a side room filled with Cylix. Once you’ve reached the end of the hallway you’ll find out that an additional power seed is required to activate it. You’ll be asked by the Weapon to go into a side room to get another Power Seed for the gravity lift. In this room, just to the left of the objective, the audio log will be on the ground.

Outpost Tremonius

Spartan Core #1

You’ll encounter the first Spartan Core when you first reach the top of the elevator. Almost unmissable.

Banished Audio Log # 1 – In Your Honor

Outpost Inter – In Your Honor – As you approach the Outpost from the south on the cliff below it you’ll see a collection of crates and weapons. Among all this trash you’ll find the Audio Log.

Armor Locker #1

Just north of the Outpost Tremonius marker, you’ll find this Armor Locker. It’s next to where the dirt meets the metal of the platform where the pelican lands.

Spartan Core #2

After leaving the building with the elevator circle clockwise around the building. You’ll see wreckage directly behind with a Spartan Core.

Spartan Core #3

From where the Pelican lands look South-West and you’ll see a small shack next to a building. The Spartan Core can be found here.

Lockdown [Region 1] [TBC]

The first ‘open world’ Region in Infinite. There are no classic Halo style ‘missions’ in this region. Just forts to capture.

This covers the following Map Items/Missions:

  • Miscellaneous Collectibles
  • FOB Outposts: Golf, Foxtrot
  • 3X Squad Missions: Boxer Squad, Carrera Squad, Starlight Squad
  • Ransom Keep
  • The Tower

FOB – Foxtrott

Propaganda Tower #1

Just east of Fob Foxtrott.

FOB – Golf

UNSC Audio Log #1 – Preparations

After you approach and clear out FOB Golf, head to the capture point to activate and secure the location, then turn left. You’ll see the audio log, sitting up against a pile of sandbags near the edge of the platform.

Sparan Audio Log #2 – Perfect Aim

Right next to FOB – Golf, on the side of a forerunner hex cliff.

Propaganda Tower #2

Just east of Cayman Squad’s marker.

Propaganda Tower #3

Just east of Cayman Squad’s marker.

Ransom Keep [TBC]

Banished Audio Log #1 – The Dream of Atriox

Southeast corner of the Silo yard right next to a barricade. Really easy to find if you’re spamming the explore key.

Banished Audio Log #2 – Unnatural Defenses

After destroying the four Silos and the new enemies that show up a building to the north is now open as part of the next objective. After stepping into the building take a left and it will be on the floor.

Spartan Core #1

This one is quite confusing as it’s actually out of the Keep itself. Head south, off the bridge. The Core is under a little shelter.

UNSC Audio Log #1 – Making Ends Meet

Really close to where the Spartan Core is, you’ll hear a beeping. Scale the cliff just above where the small tunnel is, to find this audio log.

UNSC Audio Log #2 – To Andrew Valleros

Really close to Audio Log #1, just down inside the valley, you’ll find an Elite in a Ghost. Keep heading south and you’ll find this at the end of the tunnel.

The Tower [TBC]

Mjolnir locker #1

Head underneath the metal platform to the South-West of the tower. There will be a small rocky path you can take to find this Mjolnir Locket.

Banished Audio Logs #1 – Harbinger

Inside the tower complex. Take a right when the area opens up and you’ll see a small trailer to the right with two exploding boxes and the Audio log.

Spartan Core #1

inside the Tower complex, right next to some soldier which are chained up – just inside a house.

Skull #3 – IWHBYD

Climb to the top of the tower with the grapple. This is relatively difficult if you don’t have the upgrade #3 for the grapple, so either find some Spartan core first, or just wing it. The climb isn’t too difficult once you’ve got used to the swinging.

Spartan Core #2

Travel into the tower and head up to the third floor, this is where you would have had the boss fight with the invisible Elite. You should find the Spartan Core here.

UNSC Audio log #1 What Was Inside

On the second floor of the interior of the tower, behind one of the pillars is this audio log. Very difficult to miss.

Connections [Region 2][TBC]

FOB Echo

UNSC Audio Log – Duty Clearance

To the left of the vehicle spawn point at FOB – Echo

Mjolnir Armoury #1

Due South of FOB Echo, jump up a hill overlooking the bridge.

Spartan Core #1

Just North of the Assassination Mission IK’Novus, there is a classic Forerunner structure very reminiscent of Halo CE.

Assassination Mission: IK’NOVUS

Really easy target. IK’Novus fires the scrap launcher which is super innacurate, so just camp up on a hill, kill the sniper Jackals, and pump him full of lead.

Mjolnir Armoury #2

On an intersection of road due north of the assassination target, you’ll find a bridge. Under it is the Mjolnir collectible.

Spartan Audio Log – Enemy Territory

Just past the last collectible, Mjolnir Armoury #2, you’ll keep descending the hill. The Log is just on an outcropping on the cliff.

Mjolnir Armoury #3

Again, just north of Spartan Audio log, head down a little more to a waterfall. The Mjolnir locker is in the river underneath.

Propaganda Tower #1

On the highest point of the mountain due South of Indiana Squad.

Spartan Core #2

Just due North of ‘Redoubt of Sundering’, on a hill. The Core can be found on a rescue pod crash side.

FOB Charlie

UNSC Audio Log – Arrival

Direct right of the button to fortify FOB Charlie.

Mjolnir Armoury #4

Just North East of the battle site of Courier Squad, the Locker is on the side of a mountain.

Artefact #1

Just east of Harpoon Squad, up on the side of a hill. The Forerunner architecture will be easy to spot from a distance.

Mjolnir Armoury #5

Straight South from Lancer Squad’s position, the locker is situated next to a small human camp.

FOB Bravo

1x UNSC Audio Log
Ingress – on the main platform at FOB Brave
Taking over FOB Bravo reveals the following on the map
Horn of Abolition
Thav ‘sebarim
FOB Alpha

1x UNSC Audio Log
Objectives – on top of the main platform
Taking over FOB Alpha reveals the following on the map
Armory of Reckoning
Inka ‘saham

Sundering of Redoubt

Forge of Teash

Graveyards [TBC]

Reformation [TBC]

Reckoning [TBC]

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