Halo Infinite – How to Boost FPS

A guide on how to boost FPS in Halo Infinite.

How to Boost FPS

To get this out of the way right now any GPU that does not support directx 12 cannot play the game. Another thing right off the bat on most pc’s async compute helps you gain more fps so leave that on.

Right now the game does not run totally well even on the most high end systems. My best advice is to set the minimum fps to your monitor’s refresh rate. This will scale down resolution and make things look a little more blurry. But the cost of it is a smoother game. And it will go up and down with the resolution. (I have heard from some users it does not make it look blurrier and does cause an improvement in performance. Due to an engine issue which makes sense because the xbox uses this tech in the game.)

Steps to achieve more fps

Steps to achieve this:
If you have a monitor higher than 120hz you cannot do it in the game.

Step one: Go to %localappdata% and look for the file HaloInfinite go to the .json file open it with notepad.

Step 2: Search for spec_control_minimum_framerate and set the value to your refresh rate of your monitor.

Step 3: Save it and start playing.

If you do not like the temporary fix please do not complain. This is just here for people who want a smoother running game in it’s current state. Personally I do not have problem with it because on my RTX 3070, 3440×1440 monitor, and ultra everything. I am getting around 120 to 144 fps. And it doesnt look that blurry on my opinion.

By Biod-UwU

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  1. With my RTX2060 (laptop with HDMI out to TV), I actually found that unclamping my FPS was the key to making the game run smooth as ice. It even plays better in the open world, but when inside a mission such as The Conservatory it runs almost flawless! I simply set minimum frame rate to OFF and maximum to 120 (my TV’s refresh rate.) Usually the lowest I see it dip down to is somewhere in the 50 area and to be quite honest with you, that’s not even that bad. There is usually no input lag whatsoever and the blurry issue is usually only really bad when flying a wasp or banshee up very high and targeting enemies on the ground. Try it, see how it plays on your machine.