Halo Infinite – Guide to Winning Quick Stockpile

A guide on how to win stockpile quickly in Halo Infinite.

Guide to Winning Quick Stockpile

This is a guide that will tell you a fast way to win stockpile.

How to Win Stockpile

Instead of picking up one seed and either walking or catching a ride as a passenger in a vehicle, in which only one or two seeds can be taken back to base, there is another faster method.

Use the Razorback

The Razorback is basically an unarmed Warthog lookalike with a few seats. However it also has item attachment points in the rear of the vehicle.

These attachment points can store two power seeds which means that a Razorback with just two passengers can bring back four power seeds.

Using the Razorback essentially as a taxi allows you to quickly transport more power seeds than a trip in a Mongoose or a Warthog.

With a group of friends or other players you can rapidly transport the necessary seeds to your base allowing you to score points quickly and win the game as a result.

Try this method out for yourself and you’ll see what I mean.

by Miller

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