Halo 4 – All Collectible Locations

A guide on how to locate all collectibles in Halo: The Master Chief Collection (DLC: Halo 4).

All Collectible Locations


And there we are! All done! The MasterChief collection is now officially finished!! Big props to 343 for finishing up.

Today we’ll be going through Halo 4, finding all the collectibes along the way. I should say collectible(s) really – the only thing you need to collect in Halo 4 is the various Terminals scattered throughout the levels.They will be one on each level, usually only slightly off the beaten track. Gone are the days when you had to jump out of the map, or find rocket bounce your way to a secret; these are just there for the taking.

There are seven official Terminals, and one unofficial one that’s on the first level, scattered about Halo 4, one on each level to be exact. Go go through slowly, with this guide on hand and you’ll be sorted! So, without further a’do, let’s get started!!


Terminal #0

Rally Point: Alpha

Right as you jump back in Master Chief’s boots and pop in Cortana ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) , you’ll be faced with a long corridor, with some stairs leading down. Just jump down these stairs, turn around, and you’ll find your first Terminal. This one just outlines the plot up until Halo 4.


Terminal #1

Rally Point: Bravo

After entering the terminus tower, you’ll be forced into a long corridor with architecture hanging from the ceiling which will retract into the wall. At the far end of the room is a staircase that leads to the elevator which is the objective. The terminal is located under the staircase.


Terminal #2

Rally Point: Alpha

After clearing the Prometheans in the circular area, you will have some UI glitches. Just after that you will see an alcove, with the Terminal hiding underneath.


Terminal #3

Rally Point: Bravo

After meeting Lasky and Palmer and the cutscene finishes, look behind the Chief and the terminal is seen at the end of the corridor.


Terminal #4

Rally Point: Bravo

After the Librarian cutscene, head out of the door and follow the way out. Instead of heading straight into the elevator, take a right, and the Terminal should be in plain view.


Terminal #5

Rally Point: Bravo

In the third spire where the Didact starts bringing down the platforms, get to the central platform with multiple light bridges. Cross the light bridge to the left which leads to a platform guarded by Jackals with shields. The Terminal is located behind the platform’s central column.


Terminal #6

Rally Point: Delta

After you get to the centre of the station, near the Mantis, you’ll find a cluster of rocks near the door you’ll use to get to the next objective. Go through the tunnel and you’ll find the Terminal.


Terminal #7

Rally Point: Bravo

After boarding the Mantle’s Approach, get to the third room with enemies in it. The Terminal is behind some Forerunner architecture.

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