Halo 2 Anniversary – Guide to Quarantine Zone, Uprising, Gravemind (Collectibles)

A guide to Quarantine Zone, Uprising, Gravemind, etc. (collectibles) in Halo 2 Anniversary.

Guide to Halo 2 Anniversary

Sacred Icon

Skull: Mythic

Difficulty Required: Legendary

Effect: Enemy health and shields becomes equivalent to the next highest difficulty (ex. Easy becomes Normal and Legendary becomes Mythic).

Location: After coming down from a piston, about halfway through the level, you’ll come to a room completely filled with Flood fog. Go into the room and you’ll see a stack of crates. Jump on top (while cloaked would probably work better, so the Flood doesn’t notice you), and across to the next highest level. If you look in the last hole in the wall, you’ll see the skull in with a dead Flood.


During the third objective of the Sacred Icon, you’ll drop down several fusion cores and through a hole that has a divider that splits it. Drop down further where the skybox is in the distance, and you can find the terminal behind a wall to the right.


Location: After the first electrified bridge, turn left and grenade jump to the higher level. The Arbiter toy is in the third farthest away dark tube (use a plasma weapon as a flashlight).

Quarantine Zone

Skull: Sputnik

Difficulty Required: Legendary

Effect: Explosions and melee have more of an effect on objects, which may be the result of less gravity. Enemies who are meleed will also be turned around, making for an easy assassination.

Location: From the start of the level, look to your left for an Elite. To the left of the Elite there is a tunnel. Head into the tunnel and go straight until you reach a cliff. Now turn left and follow the cliff till you reach a rock wall. To the right of the wall and the cliff is a narrow ledge, skull is at the end of that ledge.


During the first objective of the Quarantine Zone mission, you’ll enter a room with a large robot that appears to have a blue forcefield in front of it. Head past underneath the robot to the far end of the room and you should spot the blue glowing terminal.


Location: After the long gondola ride at the end of the level, walk of the gondola and instantly turn to your right. Sputnik grenade jump on top of the metal wall. The Tartarus toy sits in the middle of it.


Skull: Angry

Difficulty Required: Legendary

Effect: Enemies have a faster fire rate and will shoot more often.

Location: Fight all the way through the Covenant city until you reach the outdoors. As soon as you are outside, stick to the right-hand side and walk along the wall. You should see a Covenant wall thingy with a red rail on it. Jump up to it (crouch jump helps) and at the end there is the Anger skull in a small grav-lift.


Location: When you enter an outside area with Jackal Snipers and a Sword Elite, use rocks or grenade jumps to reach the outer ring. Walk along the ring (to your right if you just exited the door) until you reach the end where the Cortana toy awaits.


When you get outside into the open area for the first time in this mission, drop down and follow the path till you reach a building on your right. Go past this building and jump on the elevated region with multiple purple pods. You should be able to spot the purple terminal next to three pods.



Location: When you exit the building for the first time and fight off enemies (one Brute arrives in a Ghost), jump onto the raised rocky ledge and grenade jump to the top of the map. Hug the right side of the map (with the main play area below to your left) until you pass a Jackal Sniper. Keep on going a little further until you can go no more. The Librarian Toy is on your right in the rocks.

Skull: Ghost

Difficulty Required: Legendary

Effect: Enemies cannot be staggered.

Location: Once you reach the armory (where, amongst other weapons, a Fuel Rod and Rocket Launcher can be found), pick up some Frag Grenades on the right side of the room. Once you have these, walk out of the door on the opposite side of the room, turn around (facing the armory door, and grenade jump up to a platform above the door.


When you take a ghost down a large river stream, jump off when you reach the bridge and go up on the right. Kill the enemies, then head behind the large pillars – one of them has a blue terminal behind it.

High Charity

Skull: Iron

Difficulty Required: Legendary

Effect: Allies are immune to melee attacks.

Location: On the final grav-lift, look up and hold the ‘interact’ button as it passes you to pick the skull up up. Make sure to hold the key/button down all the time or you’ll miss it.


During the third objective of the mission, you’ll take an elevator and eventually lead up to a room with a sword on an altar in the center. Check the walls of this room to find the terminal.


Location: When you enter a room full of flood with a raised rock structure in the middle, grenade jump (or use objects) on top of the rocky arch. It’s right on top of it.

The Great Journey

Skull: Black Eye

Difficulty Required: Legendary

Effect: Shield won’t regenerate, when you melee someone you get energy power back, so if you melee someone you get a little bit of shield. So you can get a bit at a time all the way to overshield!

Location: SGT Johnson will pilot the scarab and and you’ll follow him to the Index Control room. If you take a banshee to the tower you will notice that, aside from where spires jut out of it, it has a round slope all the way around. If you take the banshee right up to the slope and as high as you can go, you can almost get over it. Here you must jump out of your banshee to land on the less steep part of the slope. If you turn your banshee to the side or all the way around, it may make it easier to land on the less steep part. Also, try to have your banshee land on a platform below, so you can use it to get back. Once you are on the slope, climb the rest of the way up it. If you are on the right of the door, then you have to jump onto the ledge next to the main part of the building, and then walk up a steep part in the direction of the door. Walk up that, then around and down on the other side. On this side (left of the door from scarab’s perspective) you can walk onto the hills and grass. You will notice several angled spires, some of which connect to the building. You must climb the one that is directly opposite the door you would use to enter the tower. It’s steep but you can walk up it.


The final terminal is found in the area with the prison cells. The top-middle cell on the right side has this terminal. You’ll need to shoot down the shield in order to access it.


Location: Keep your Spectre from the beginning of the mission intact. Fight through the level until you are given Banshees. Drop back down and get into your Spectre from before. Drive off the cliff onto the beach and keep heading towards the structure. Holding the jump button, climb the hill behind the giant structure. To the back left of the structure there is a steep mountain. The Spectre can climb it. On top of it is a Didact Toy.

BLAST Soda Cans [MP]


Roll over to blue base, Sniper Rifleis a must.

Face the base, but use the Sniper Rifle to zoom in on the background. Look above the trees on the left to find the can resting on a faraway edge.


Head over to the spawning point of the Covenant Carbine, located on a platform near the shrine. Look to the left of the shrine to see a faraway structure in the wall. The can sits on the very top of the highest point of the structure.


Run over to ‘Gold Altar’ and look for the rock sitting in the corner on the right. Behind the rock is the can!


Head into the large base and get to the center. There are crates in the center covered with a blue tarp. Hop on top and look between the two boxes on top to find the can.


Head over to the small tower and hop onto the blue crate surrounded by green barrels. From the right edge of the blue crate, use your Sniper Rifle to look at the bottom portion of the tower to find your hidden can.


Walk over to the tower with gravity lift. At the door, turn around and face the icy wall in the background. Shoot down the giant icicle in the center, then use your Sniper Rifle to zoom in and find the can.

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