Halo 2 Anniversary – Guide to Oracle, Delta Halo, Regret (Collectibles)

A guide to Oracle, Delta Halo, Regret, etc. (collectibles) in Halo 2 Anniversary.

Guide to Halo 2 Anniversary


Skull: Famine

Difficulty Required: Legendary

Effect: Weapons picked up only have half ammo.

Location: After getting off the long elevator ride, you will come to a room where convent and flood are fighting below you, and you have to break the glass to get to where they are fighting. If you crouch/grenade jump up on the opposite side of where you came down, the skull should be up there.


In the same room, just look behind wall at the back and there’s your Terminal.

Delta Halo

Terminal 6

The terminal in Delta Halo is located in the same room where Cortana will ask you to extend the bridge, left of the Prophet hologram.

Toy 1

Location: When you reach the bridge that needs to be activated in order to continue, grab a ghost and return to where you first saw the Jackal Snipers overlooking the lake. Hold A and boost up the least steep part of the cliff wall. Curve to the right until you end up at a point where you can go no further. The Master Chief Toy is sitting in the middle.

Skull: Envy

Difficulty Required: Legendary

Effect: Cloak instead of Flashlight, 5 second cloak with 10 second recharge.

Location: When you first come out of the big building and see the turret and 5/6 shield up on the wall there is a wall over to the left hand side with the two grunt turrets on it, the big block and door are at the far end of that wall… In the room that the block is blocking there are two dead grunts and two plasma swords. There’s a door being blocked by a rock. Jump on the rock. Then jump on the ledge that’s located above the blocked doorway. Turn left and jump up on another ledge. Grenade jump up to where you’ll find Two Red Elites – That become cloaked, surrounding a skull. Pick it up, and it reads Envy.



Location: At the very start of the level, grenade jump with Sputnik Skull active across the broken walkway to the other tower. Grenade jump once again to the next level. Run along the ledge until you find the Prophet of Regret Toy.

Skull: Assassins

Difficulty Required: Any

Effect: All enemies in game are permanently cloaked, AI cannot see them and so are no help at all.

Location: Just after you get off the gondola, and go in the structure, there is a big block of stone, jump on that an you can get on a ledge that leads out to the Covenant turrets, facing back towards the structure, jump up another level around the right side of the structure, It is pretty straight lined from here. You should find the Skull on a ledge when you make it around. No visible change to the HUD, BUT all enemies become invisible.


Just behind the hologram of the Prophet, check the back wall.

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