Half-Life: Alyx – Teleport and Walk Guide

This guide will show annoying teleport and walking in Half-Life: Alyx.

Teleport Guide

  1. Jumping is just a teleport animation.
  2. Reloading from shoulder instead of holster is a bit counter-intuitive/awkward
  3. You are forced to a very slow walking speed.

Smooth Walking

You should be able to use the left controller for smooth walking and pointing the analog stick down while pointing at where you want to teleport with the right controller by default i’m pretty sure, works like that for me anyways.

Ability to smooth move while crouching (currently teleport only through tunnel spaces which pauses the player). Pausing the player halts the pace of play.

Smooth Locomotion

The smooth locomotion speed is interesting.

After enabling smooth locomotion, especially if you’re right handed, you can flick down on the thumbstick on the right to teleport at the same time.

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