Half-Life: Alyx – Complete (100%) Achievements (How to Obtain)

This 100% achievement guide for Half-Life: Alyx will show how to obtain them.

Complete (100%) Achievements

Story-Related Achievements

Hit and Run

Break out of the Combine prisoner transport vehicle.

Zombie with a Shotgun

Collect the shotgun.


Receive a tasty treat.

Quaranta Giorni

Enter the Quarantine Zone.

Obtainable Through the Chapters

Dead Giveaway

Loot a corpse.

For this achievement, all you have to do is find a corpse with ammunition and loot the ammo.

Smash and Grab

Break open a supply crate with your hands.

Through the game, you will find crates identical to the one you can find in the previous games. To obtain this achievement, just take one of the crate in your hands and smash it on the ground or through a wall. You can find one in the next room after you got the shotgun close to a dead Combine on the top.

Up in Arms

Install your first pistol upgrade.

During a normal playthrough of the game, you will sometime upgrade your weapons. To do that you’ll need resine which will be trade for upgrades. The first time you have the chance to upgrade the pistol is during the metro chapter where you will fight your first Zombie. After you remove the planks from the door of the metro you will have to fight another Zombie to get access to a room where you will be able to upgrade the pistol for resine.

Chapter #1

Chapter #2

Chapter #3

Chapter #4


Good Grub
Feed the snark.

Little Slugger


Xen Garden

Eye of the Geiger

Off the Rails

Checking In

Heart-Breaker Hotel

Safe Trip

Use the multitool to hack a tripmine.

On a Roll
Interact with the playground somehow.

Surface Tension


Collect the SMG.

Xen Lootism
Snatch a Xen grenade from its resting place.

Freshly Squeezed
Test your grip on a headcrab heart.

Blast From the Past

Kill a grunt by shooting their gas tank.

Sea Level

Triple Bypass

High Water March

Textbook Jinxing

Point Extraction


Mazel Tov
Pick up and smash 50 glass bottles.

Flat Note

Hold Your Liquor

Combine Harvester
Use the gravity gloves to loot an item off a living Combine soldier.

Indirect Approach
Kill a Combine Heavy while their shield is up.

Sound Strategy

Deadliest Catch
Use the gravity gloves to intercept an incoming enemy grenade in mid-flight.

Team Spirit

Crustacean Frustration

Near-Jeff Experience

Gnome Vault of My Own

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