Half-Life: Alyx – Chapter 1: Walkthrough (How to Complete)

This walkthrough for Chapter 1: Entanglement will help you on how to complete it in Half-Life: Alyx.

Chapter 1: Entanglement Walkthrough

How to Complete?

Enter the radio station on the left side of the balcony.

Have a video call.

Open the door on the right.

Go down the stairs.

Get out on the balcony.

You will see a robot spider.

Get inside the white door on the left.

Use the elevator (push the red button).

Get out of the basement, talk to the blue collar worker.

Turn back and walk until you find the white door left open.

Go inside the white door and go up to the roof using the ladder.

As you walk on the roofs, you will see a small window. Open it.

Enter the elevator shaft through the narrow window.

Open the elevator’s door.

The soldiers will point guns on them.

They’ll shoot your dad with Electroshock weapon, then you.

Getting Arrested

Meat Wagon will crash accidentally.

You will understand that this is not an accident.

Follow the drone and jump over the wall.

Tips for Jumping:

  • push to bring up jump ındıcator
  • release to jump
  • use portal power

Follow the drone and climb the balcony with the ladder.

Get on the balcony bars and cross the pipes.

You will see a window. Open it up and enter the house.

You will see an iron cupboard inside the house.

Open the door and press the red button.

You will find that there is a secret (a passage made of bookshelves).

Talk to Russell.

Russell will tell you about his plans and give you Flick Hand.

Go down and shoot objects for Flick Hand exercises.

Grab the gun and get on the train car.

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