Hades – Nighty Night (Update): Weapons Guide

This guide will show you weapons in Hades: Nighty Night (update).

Hades Nighty Night Update

This patch contains bug fixes, art and UI improvements, and new story events, following yesterday’s Nighty Night Update. We expect to patch again in the coming days. Thank you for playing!

Infernal Arms, Aspects, & Abilities

• Twin Fists: improved input buffering after flurry attack; reduced hit pause on Cutter special and Dash-Special (note: this was added as part of a hotfix yesterday)

Boons & Blessings

• Huge Catch (Poseidon): this recently added Legendary Boon now has a chance to be offered in subsequent escape attempts following its unique introduction event

Foes & Encounters

• Skull-Crusher: slightly adjusted attack timing under the effect of Middle Management (Pact)
• Megagorgon: reduced Blink ability timing variance under the effect of Middle Management (Pact)

Pact of Punishment

📢 Benefits Package: banned certain Perks from certain types of foes; reduced bonus Armor from Bruiser Perk

Level Design & Environments

📢 Removed several urns that had no real business being in the Final Boss chamber
• Minor improvements to one of the new chambers in Asphodel

Art & Visual FX

📢 Further improvements to the look of Olympian Boon pick-ups, making Olympians easier to spot
• Added unique visuals for text presentation when Zagreus dies
• Added unique visuals for text presentation when Zagreus vanquishes a boss
• Added animations for the new mini-boss encounter in the Temple of Styx
• Improved visual effects on Twin Fists (Demeter) Giga Cutter special
• Added unique icon for Broken Resolve (Aphrodite)
• Slightly reduced the visual size of the interact object for the Shield of Chaos out in the Courtyard

Menus & UI

📢 Adjusted Armored foes’ health bars so depleted Armor looks more distinct from depleted Life
📢 Updated damage numbers presentation so Critical numbers appear on their own
📢 Updated Cast tooltip while using Stygian Soul (Mirror)

Music & SFX

• Updated sound effects for Twin Fists (Demeter) Giga Cutter special
• Updated sound effects for the new mini-boss encounter in Temple of Styx
• Other minor changes

Voice & Narrative

• Added quite a few more narrative events with and about Nyx
• Added more Inspect Points to the Admin Chamber
• Minor fixes and tuning to various events


• Added some additional localized strings for content updated or introduced in the Nighty Night Update
• Updated Credits with additional Community Contributors
• Various minor text fixes and presentation improvements

Bug Fixes

📢 Fixed a game freeze that could occur when multiple characters speak simultaneously
📢 Fixed a crash involving assembled shades in the House of Hades
📢 Fixed several other crashes reported by users
📢 Fixed music issues and soft locks as part of the Orpheus & Eurydice subplot
• Fixed an issue where the incorrect Olympian appeared in one of the new Duo Boon conversations
• Fixed tooltips not reliably showing up while mouse-highlighting Talents in the Mirror of Night
• Fixed incorrect Dash-Strike visuals using Twin Fists (Talos)
• Fixed Affinity Gauge unlock animation not appearing as expected with certain characters
• Fixed an issue where insufficient Darkness was refunded in some cases (involving the Pact)
📢 Fixed incorrect text appearing in some Death Defiance tooltips
• Fixed a pathfinding issue with Thanatos in a certain chamber in Asphodel
• Fixed a visual issue with some door animations in the Temple of Styx
• Fixed an issue in Thanatos encounters with Benefits Package (Pact) where you got credit for slaying self-destructing Exalted Shades
• Fixed Skelly sometimes talking while Skelly was already in the middle of talking
• Minor art and visual effect fixes
• Minor text fixes

Weapons Guide

Breaching Cross is gives you a fast and safe option to delete armor. Incredibly useful

Rolling Knuckle makes your combo infinite (really useful). Paired with Hermes attack speed becomes broken. If it stacks with Artemis you can cosplay Gene from Godhand.

Long Knuckle is really good. It makes attacks much safer. For example, it allows stationary mashing against exploding chariots.

Draining Cutter is useful.

Concentrated Knuckle is xtremely useful. It paired with Hermes attack speed and a decent damage boon it becomes extremely good

Quake Cutter is really bad and actually downgrade. Uppercut has a long recovery and no invulnerability frames. Landing animation makes recovery longer and still no invulnerability – all for a subpar damage bonus.

Flying Cutter is decent. While the damage increase is nice changeup time is really slow. And I have a feeling that it slows the animation speed of the uppercut, making you vulnerable for a longer period.

Rush Kick is really good. It has a high range and good mobility combined. With Draining Cuter Zagreus turns into a vampiric monk of destruction. Have no idea how it interacts with magnetic pull

Explosive Upper is useful, especially early. But paired with Demeter Aspect its becomes double broken.

The game treats dash-special valid for the aspect buff, so you get 5 blasts per uppercut. I didn’t know this so I used a dash-special against Hades to dodge his lounge and blast that annoying archer he summoned and I obliterated the archer and cut 25% of big man’s hitpoints.

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