Hadean Tactics Tips and Tricks

Hadean Tactics is a roguelike deckbuilding game fused with autobattler elements to create a unique strategy experience. This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. Use your cards to influence the actions of your units and help your Hero defeat the Six Wings of Hell!

General Tips and Tricks

The community is making a compilation of tips and tricks and here are some of them from other players.

First is about upgrading a unit fully heals it Often it makes sense to let a unit you’re planning to upgrade tank damage when you’re approaching a banner

Then is about don’t overdraft on cards. Before you choose a card think if it actually makes your deck better as a whole, otherwise take the gold!

There are also more tips and helpful tricks for the Hadean Tactics game.

  • Defensive cards are (usually) obligatory. You want to have a good amount of defensive cards in any deck. Don’t over-draft on offensive ones.
  • Micro-manage targeting. There are several ways how to micro-manage both ally and enemy targeting. Initial positioning, slides, taunts and importantly: the manual target/move (shortcut A).
  • Don’t go to shops with little gold, be sure to path for a shop if you have a lot. Visiting a shop with 30 gold is a waste of opportunity cost, meeting the boss with 300 gold is just slimming your chances at a win.
  • Multiple instances of an Alliance effect stack.
  • Units that are on the bench heal much more after a battle than units that participated in the battle.
  • Since you usually want your hero deployed rather than benched (especially early game), major damage to your hero can be harder to heal than major damage to another unit.
  • Take the time to read what enemies do. Some of them (Like the Boss Lilith) will punish you if you don’t.

Written by developer of the game Emberfish

This is the ending of Hadean Tactics Tips and Tricks guide. If you have some any advice please comment us below.

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