Gunfire Reborn – Guide to Weapons (Recommendation), Skill, Hero, Crown Prince

It is a guide to weapons (Star Devourer, Scorching Rounds, Frenzied Shark, Tiger Cannon, Other Automatic Guns), skill, hero, Crown Prince, etc. in Gunfire Reborn.

Crown Prince Introduction


Crown Prince is the first hero that player can use in Gunfire Reborn. He has balanced attributes and is a perfect choice for new players. Here I will introduce his characteristics and how to use him correctly:

Basic Attribute:

The basic attribute of heroes in Gunfire Reborn includes HP, shield, movement speed, and so on. Compared with other heroes, Crown Prince has a higher shield and shorter shield recharge time. However, his HP and movement speed is average.


Each hero in Gunfire Reborn has two skills – primary skill and secondary skill. Crown Prince’s primary skill is Energy Orb which can damage as well as lock enemy. It is very helpful for new players. However, players should use it in the right time because this skill has long cooldown time.

The secondary skill of Crown Prince is Smoke Grenade. This grenade can deal corrosion damage and is very effective against monsters with armor. You can improve its attribute with the help of ascension and Occult Scrolls.

Hero Talent:

Crown Prince has five levels of talents, and player can unlock them after reaching certain levels. Talents will increase the shield, Energy Orb and Smoke Grenade. For example, level 2 talent “Shield Enhancement: Max Shield+20”, level 3 talent “Large Area Smoke: Smoke grenade radius +40%”. These talents can improve Crown Prince’s different abilities. Being familiar with these will be very important.

Hero Ascension:

Crown Prince has three types of Ascension: Element-Enhance elemental DMG, Smoke-Enhance Smoke Grenade and Orb-Enhance Energy Orb. Players can choose the ascension based on their favor.

Here I will recommend some of my favorite ascension:

  • 1. Wildfire is one of a few ascensions that can increase the fire rate of the weapon, so players will deal with larger damage in a certain amount of time.
  • 2. Hex smoke is another very useful ascension. It can increase a player’s damage as well as survival ability.
  • 3. Aftershock is an ascension that can increase the power of Energy Orb, and it has only 1 level.

Guide to Weapon (Recommendation)

1. Star Devourer

This weapon with lightning damage is easy to get in early stages. You can use it to break Boss Lu Wu’s shield much faster. You can also use it with Crown Prince’s Smoke Grenade to cause fusion effect-Miasma. When you stop shooting, the magazine will automatically refill ammo. It is a very good weapon for new players.

2.Scorching Rounds

This is a pistol with fire damage. Using it with Crown Prince’s Smoke Grenade can cause fusion effect-Explosion which can kill lots of enemies in early stages. As a single shot pistol, Scorching Rounds can deal very high damage to the weakness of enemies. It definitely fits the sharpshooter like you!

3. Frenzied Share

This is a gun that can shoot out grenades. It is easy to use but it can deal high damage with large explosive range. You can use it to fight against multiple monsters at the same time.

4. Tiger Cannon

A powerful rocket launcher. Though it has very slow reload speed, it can deal very high damage with large explosive range. It is easy to use, and with Crown Prince’s ascension”Energy Blade”, it can easily deal large range damage.

5.Other Automatic Gun

Gunfire Reborn has different kinds of weapons with unique features waiting for you to explore. When new players are not familiar with these weapons, they can choose some weapons which are easy to use like rifle”Cavalry” or SMG”Angelic Aura”.

By LLLzzh

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