A guide on how to Turbo Sol in GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE-.

How to Turbo Sol

You will probably meet or have already met some online Sol playing rather eccentric gameplay, there is a high probability that it is a Turbo SoL. This guide is here to help you if you want to know more or learn how a Turbo Sol works.

The Basic Concepts

To be a Turbo Sol you have to be able to clear your head and play instinctively so your opponent can’t predict your actions.

If you don’t have any ideas, launch a Volcanic Viper or a Night Raid vortex (formerly Grand Viper) to get closer and be able to launch a Volcanic Viper.

Night Raid vortex is very useful to get closer to the people who fear you and therefore zone you. Once in close combat your opponent will think too much about when you are going to launch your volcanic viper and won’t play properly.

Night Raid vortex :

Volcanic viper :

Your main goal is to enter Heavy Mob Cemetery that will surprise your opponent since it is not a volcanic viper but also do a lot of damage.

Once you have acquired these basics, you can learn other Sol’s moves if you wish to polish your Turbo Sol.

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